Thinking of early retirement

by Anonymous

I am a female government employee who has a very physical demanding job in highway maintenance. I have been at this job for 28 years and am eligible for retirement in feb of 2013. My husband is on disability and is drawing benefits from that. He is 62 years old I am 50 years old.

Between the two of us we will bring home about 4000 a month with no mortgage. We only have about 50,000 in savings. I feel this job is taking a toll on my body and I am very unhappy in this job.

I work with all men who I get along with fine but it is not like you can form real friendships with them without people raising eyebrows. I don't think any of them would go shopping with me anyhow:). I would really like to retire and spend time with my husband but I am afraid it is not a smart decision financially.

what do you think?

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Thinking of early retirement
by: Lesley


Its a very hard decision to make, but I think the only thing you need to think about is 'Is this what I really want?'

How much money is enough?

Will we ever think we have enough?

You would be wise to discuss this with your husband. How will he feel about it?

Then make the decision for YOURSELF!!!!!!!

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