This is your life..........

by Maggie

My life did not go as I planned, some very sad times, some very happy times, but I keep plugging along.

I'm still working PT at 76, very grateful someone still allows me to work at a money paying job, sometimes I'm tired of work, but boy when I see that check I'm happy, some times I'm embarrassed to say I'm still working and I need the money, sometimes I'm not.

I've tried all kinds of different volunteer jobs, finally found my niche, to some it would be boring since I do it all from home but whatever it works for me and hopefully those I give to.

I've been blessed with lovely hand writing, and I can draw, I send out several cards a week to others who are going through a difficult time or can no longer do what they once could, or someone sad, depressed, some don't have any family who care, some just don't care about living anymore. I try to draw pictures personalized for those I'm sending cards to, I started out with just a few people to send to, now I would never have enough time to send to all who could use a "cheery" hello coming in the mail. No one has told me not to send to them, or they didn't like my card or drawing, some say nothing, some don't know who I am, I don't care, it makes me feel good, and I know I'm touching some here and there.

Like it or not, this is it folks, as far as I know there will be no do-overs, might not be life after the final good bye, so do the best you can and try to be happy just for today.

My life is far from perfect, I don't have a healthy retirement income, not enough money to travel, divorced later in life and do wish I had a spouse but never found the "one" and now I don't get around so good, I get lonesome as well but there are still many ways to make the best of any situation.

My phone doesn't ring off the hook anymore, I don't turn heads the way I once did, I battle assorted health issues but so glad I'm not on my death bed yet, I reach out to many, some respond, some don't.

I have a decent relationship with my kids, however I know they have very busy lives, and I do my best not to be a whiner, Debby downer when I'm with them, I try not to burden them with a lot of "I need help", I've let go of any expectations of how it should be, I don't always like how it is, I don't understand at times but I try to let it be, they have their lives, I have a life too.

I think the best gift I could ever give my kids is to live as full of a life as I can, leave them with a good example of it can be done regarding the circumstances.

Its not easy to put one foot in from of the other some days but think of how far you have come, the things you over came to get where you are, think of those who weren't blessed with a chance to retire or live out some retirement years.

Bottom line, there is more to be happy about and grateful for then the regrets or what we didn't get. It is what it is, put on a happy face, every morning be grateful you have another day to live, try to make it a bit better than yesterday, some days it works, some days are only good for silence, a nap and a good book, but its your day and you will not have this day again, ever. Its really all about attitude, its just as easy to have a good one as a bad one, more fun to have a good one than a bad one.

b>If you know today was your last day to live how would you feel, what would you be doing. I don't know when my expiration date is, but just in case it's tomorrow, I have to stop writing this now, I have much I would like to do today just in case today is my last day.

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Thanks, Maggie!
by: Gail Hubbard

This past week,we lost a dear friend from pancreatic cancer. She was someone who always sought ways to help others. The day she died, she called to ask whether there was anything she could do to help with an upcoming fundraiser. She made the best of every moment.

I see that you are that way, too. We all have choices even when life doesn't go the way we hope. We can always choose to look outside ourselves to lend moral support to another, to use our talents whatever they may be.

Many of us are most comfortable with one or two other people and need some alone time to regenerate, but that doesn't mean we have to be alone.

Thank you, Maggie, for sharing! Keep sharing!

Response to: This is your life
by: Ken / San Diego

Thank you WENDY

For "BOLDING" that PETITION request!


by: Anonymous

I congratulate you on still working at your age. Sounds like you have a wonderful attitude, I know you are not alone. There are others that work in their late years. Feel blessed! You wrote a very nice story.

This is your life
by: Tim/ UK

Thank you for penning such an inspirational post. I couldn't agree more.

We are where we are. However, what we are can change as it's simply our attitude to change. We can change from 'oh woe' is me and catalogue all the negative things/people around us or, be appreciative for what we have and look at the alternative.

Response to: This Is Your Life
by: Ken / San Diego CA

Liked your post!

Speaking of Social Security! Many people never reach retirement age, and that money becomes a cookie jar for the government!

We need to set up a petition to keep that money in OUR coffers, and give Seniors a nice BONUS payment, and an increase in our Monthly payments, say about $500/mo ;-0 Not greedy but ...

(I hope Wendy BOLDS the above, regarding the petition, or start the petition... "Dear Mr President ... we, the Seniors of the USA ...."

Best Wishes

Love the attitude
by: Stan ashville Ohio

Love your attitude, made me smile. It’s so easy to be depressed and boo hoo about things. Be grateful, look around you can always find someone that’s not as blessed as you are. Thanks for the encouraging words. Stan

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