Time Has New Meaning

by Laura
(Canada )

When I was working I was always checking my watch or clock to see the time.

I took transit most days to work so had to be on time for the bus. At work I had deadlines and had to be aware of the time for my breaks.

Now I’m retired and unless I have a medical appointment or a class I’m taking I don’t find myself checking the time as often. I can relax most days.

Time still goes by but I’m not on a rigid schedule.

Retirement has really given time a new meaning.

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New Meaning
by: William HI.

The transition of retiring working for a business; means you now work for god. God always wants to know; who have you helped today?

It's common that people on YouTube help other people by some detail that was passed up helps other people. Others may create an agenda with a non-profit business of helping people.

Time is not a requirement when you're working with god. It's like when your right hand comforts your left leg. It doesn't ask it; it only knows to assist.

You feel better, because god works with you.

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