Well, as they say, "the best laid plans of mice and men."

Those that have been following my posts perhaps remember that my final "check out date" was to be September 28th. Well after some bumps in the road and misunderstandings, and some renegotiating, and some "let down", a new date has come to the forefront, and that is January 31st of 2013.......ug!

I was all focused in on the previous date, and my bubble was "burst" so to speak. Oh well, I guess I will live thru it!

It will give me some additional time to comment on my "countdown." I am starting to wonder if I will ever get there!

It kind of reminds me of when I was in the service some forty years ago. When I was "short" on time, it seemed as though I would NEVER get back home to my new bride...... but it DID happen.

Now here I am writing about retirement some forty years later!

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Where has the time gone?
by: Angela

They say that time speeds up as you get older and ...boy are they right. It only seems yesterday that I was a teenager in the 60s with mini skirts and screaming to the latest Beatles record. I thought I would always stay young and be the centre of the world. Now I feel as if I have fallen off the planet.

so true
by: Sharyn~~~Waterloo

l am sure that most people our age can not believe where the last forty years have gone. My baby boy is going to be 47 in December. He has 2 sons of his own now, & even he wonders where the time goes. We are not here for a long time so lets be here for a good time, at least after retirement, good article !

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