Tips for Enjoying Retirement

by Julie Grenness
(Melbourne, Australia. )

Tips for enjoying our retirement should focus on making the most of every day. Always try to plan a day ahead, so you can note any appointments, or routines, then we should all plan some exercise, or activities, a hobby, or craft, an enjoyable TV show, or acquiring a new skill, whether online, or at a community class or group.

The 'greys' possess a lifetime of knowledge, common sense, and life skills. If you wish, you can mentor others, to impart the senior wisdom, or pass on the baton of your life skills to younger generations. Perhaps you could devote some time to volunteering in organisations in many communities, eager for helping hands.

On the other hand, if you feel isolated for any reason, as a 'golden oldie', you can approach your local volunteers, neighbourhood house, or local council for a home visitor, a pet walker, or a phone buddy. If you have a physical condition, there are support groups, who would reach out to you, if you approach them. Try your phone book, online groups, your health professional, or your local council.

So, to make the most of each day, plan some definite, positive activity or pastimes, active or sedentary, or both. Schedule your routines, such as shopping, appointments, housework, or gardening, or housework, or collection of scripts. Then aim to factor in a positive way to make the most of every day.


Use it, or lose it! An old adage, but true. As we are the 'greys' in our golden years, we can aim to schedule some form of exercise for half an hour of physical activity each day, or most days, at least five days per week, with rest days, if you wish. Plan some form of exercise which you enjoy, whether alone, or in a group. This maintains a beneficial effect on your cardiovascular system, flexibility, and motivation.

If you find it hard to exercise, aim for a morning exercise routine, then reward yourself. A little bit of what you fancy!

Fortunately, there are many forms of exercise to choose, whether alone or in a group, or with a buddy. Any form of weight training, even sitting down and lifting cans of soup, combined with gentle stretching, can tone up and invigorate.

Basically, sometimes an exercise buddy can be a good idea, to enjoy company and motivate each other with positive encouragement. If you can afford a gym club membership, there a range of programs, personal trainers, equipment, and facilities. There are also local swimming pools or golf clubs, maybe walking clubs, or you devise your own programs, with a variety of mild exercise for seniors, such as Pilates, or Chair Pilates, Tai Chi, Qigong, Water Aerobics, Yoga, or really, anything you prefer, while considering any health or aging issues.

You shall feel so much better with any form of regular mild exercise. Use it or lose it!

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and Travel
by: Anonymous

Yuu presented a great outline.Tthe only thing I would add is travel

How to enjoy our days once retired
by: Irwin - Lakeland

All excellent points.

When we are not travelling, we wake, stretch, eat breakfast, write in our daily journal, make a "to-do" list, go line dancing for an hour (4 days out of the week), address the things on our "to-do" list that require errands, doctor's visits, shopping and so forth, come home and tend to the "at-home" to do lists and then usually retire to our hobbies/interests - my wife - jewelry making or crafts of some sort; me to my computer to write or quite possibly my Kindle to read.

Later in the day we turn the boob tube on. While nothing spectacular, it does utilize many of the hours of the day and thus we never seem to get bored being retired.

And then there are the times we travel to see our children and/or just travel to see what we can see. Plus there are the occasional cruises which we tend to do with other members of our social community.

Believe it or not, while the above may not seem like much, there are many days we say to ourselves at the end of a truly productive and busy day............How did we ever have time to work?

These are the days of our lives that we get to do exactly what we want to do. Want to be busy! Want to goof off....goof off! Want to take a nap....take a nap!

We have been retired over 20 years (will be 21 come this December) and just loving it. It's all about attitude and finding what you enjoy doing and then "Go For It!"

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