Tired of Trying

by Anon

I retired 10 ten years ago and since that time, my brother has moved in twice because of job downsizing. Our family relationship is not close.

Since then I have grown 10 years older and closer to 80. I feel my time is limited and it is. I am a retired teacher with no husband and no kids, no grandkids.

I work online with a student who has learning disabilities. I have a few friends. Use to sing on choir and work with the Sunday school with plays and programs. Now, because of Covid, I am out of it mentally and physically.

I want to downsize and move into a senior citizen apartment. I am having trouble with motivation to declutter and prepare to do this. I get depressed just looking at stuff.

Please do not tell me to get medication, get therapy, and pray. I do all of this.

I do not want to be a burden on family and friends. I am tired of trying.

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Request for Help
by: N Teo, Malaysia


We all do go through phases / bouts of finding it difficult to get started on something that we know ought to be done no matter how demotivated we feel.

Solicit help from one of your friends - it does make the activity more meaningful and fun.

God bless our journey...

Dear Tired
by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

We all seem to believe we can predict the future, based on the past or on our beliefs about the future. But none of us, no one, can predict the future, period.

Our thoughts about the future are don’t offer us any information. They are just thoughts we grab onto and run with. If we think the future is bleak or hopeless, then that’s what we’ll create.

What would happen if you looked at the future from a completely different point of view?

Just try it. There is no doubt you have oodles to offer the world every day you walk the earth.

by: Leaking Ink

Maybe just start by watching You Tube videos on decluttering or reading by some books about it.

Google Dana White or FLYLADY.net or Dawn Madden—The Minimal Mom or Cas ?. Dana, Cas, and FLYLADY also have books.

There’s life ahead for you. Grab it. G

ood Luck in your new home!

by: Sherry/ NC

Hello, I read your story and can offer this advice. Gather all of your stuff and ask your brother to help you. You helped him, right, by
offering to allow him to move in with you?
Then call the Salvation Army they will come and pick it all up!
Good luck!

Make a plan and take ACTION!
by: Michael - Sunny and Warm Venice Florida

Dear Anon,

You have decided to move into a senior citizen apartment. Have you signed a lease or bought a new place?

If not, first identify where you will go and how much space you will have when you move in. Then, devise a plan in order to get there.

Go room by room in your home and determine what you will keep for the new place, the items you will sell/donate, and what will be thrown out. Ask a friend to help you out.

I sold my apartment after living there for 15 years. My apartment sold quickly, and I have 21 days to move out.

When my attorney first told me this, I couldn't imagine how I would get it done. I still had a full-time job. So, I got some moving boxes and started boxing one room at a time.

Make a plan and put that plan into action!

You can do it!

Re:Tired of trying
by: Mary Ellen

I hear you!! I retired 6 years ago at age 62. I taught children with disabilities for 23 years. I moved from NJ to Alabama to be close to my son and his family and left my daughter and other grandchildren in NJ.

As much as I love my children and grandchildren, retirement has been a huge adjustment. I have nothing to do most days, plain and simple.

I’m a lifelong extreme introvert and although I’m comfortable socializing I do not like it.

Covid has kept me from visiting family and friends close to my age in NJ - I used to fly up there 2-3 times a year for weeks at a time.

Right now I’m debating moving back to NJ into a retirement community so at least I would have opportunities to see people my age. I hate the Alabama weather and frankly, I’m on the wrong side of the predominant political views here.

I suggest to you that you focus on the light at the end of the decluttering/downsizing/moving tunnel.

You’ll be in a senior community and maybe that will bring your life spark back. It’s what I’ll do if I decide to move back to NJ.

I’m waiting to see if my angst goes away once I can travel up to NJ again. Good luck 😊

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