Today I realized I am the happiest (content) that I have ever been

by Michael
(Venice, Florida)

I am 53 years old. I retired 2 years ago and moved from New Jersey to Venice, Florida. Retirement came sooner than I had expected since my spouse is 9 years older than me.

Plus, there were going to be changes in our salary packages at work. So, we decided to take the leap from working to full retirement. Fortunately, we had saved and invested well, so money would not be a problem.

Retirement was rocky for me at first since I had all of this extra time to fill. Watching the paint dry wasn't on my bucket list. I got my real estate license since I had planned on looking for something to do part time in retirement in order to meet people and keep the mind engaged. I also serve on the Board of Directors for the Homeowners Association where I live.

Today, I was riding my bike (something I do everyday) and realized that I am the most content that I have ever been. I don't really worry about anything. If something goes wrong or needs attention, I just take care of it.

All of the things that I used to worry about (whether due to the hassle or cost) - I just simply take care of it.

And, I am taking great pleasure in getting 8+ hours of sleep every night. If I feel like staying up until 1 A.M., no problem, just sleep until 9 A.M. Need a root canal or two? No problem, just get them done. Cold in the house - turn up the heat. Too hot - turn down the A/C. Lanai needs to be rescreened - just find a competent contractor to do the job.

I think I've realized that I scrimped and saved for the future - not fully realizing what the "future" might be. Well, my "future" is now my present - so I might as well enjoy it.

Every day truly is life's greatest gift. And, the love of family, friends, and neighbors helps to make things extra special.

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Good Attitude
by: Sherry/ NC

Wonderful, I loved reading your comment about retirement!
It actually made me feel good!

I am glad you are happy! Take good care of your spouse and
you will always be happy!

Thanks for Sharing
by: Anonymous

It is nice to read a happy story about retirement. I haven’t retired yet however, am close to making that decision. And, it gives me pause when I read of peoples’ discontentment with retirement.

WOW... Content is GOOD!
by: Wendy,

Love your post! Big WOW...

We get ourselves so wrapped up in what we dreamed retirement might be -- but step back, look at the big picture, and maybe we've also become content with life and didn't even know it! I love that.

p.s. I've also scrimped and saved for the future...
still haven't quite figured out that THIS is my future!

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