Too much me (can't sleep, need to declutter, etc)

by Carol
(West Chester)

Since covid lockdowns I have stopped sleeping at night. Finally, around dawn I fall asleep on the couch. Then I toss and turn on the sofa, end to end, with restless sleep for 12 or 14 hours. Haven't been to my bedroom in months.

My house is a cluttered mess. I have no energy. My goal is to clean up my house, then get a house cleaner to keep it clean. Sounds great but the house has cluttered over and I am doing nothing or not much to declutter the tables, etc.

I seem to be in an emotional cage that is self built. Have mobility issues and don't want to push through the pain. Seems I just want to cry and wallow. My age is 78.

Too much wallowing in my thoughts. Too much what if I had taken another path in life thought .

My marriage went sour when I decided to find self confidence which I had lost. I decided at age 46 to start college and finished with a MA degree.

MY husband was an emotional abuser. He died 15 or so years ago but before that told me I had changed and he did not like it. Yeah, I finally re-found my self confidence as a person. Retired 10 years ago.

Just starting to go out to places, It is scary because of covid. Have both shots.

Never thought I would clutter to the extent that is now or be scared to visit places and do fun stuff.

Any thoughts?

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One bite at a time
by: Margaret, Johannesburg

It sounds as though you are overwhelmed by the size of the task.

I suggest you put a large plastic bag in a room near the front of your house and put in a minimum of ten items a week that you want to donate.

If you like, you can do seven items a week that you want to/need to trash.

At the end of each month get rid of it and start over time it’s a new bag next month.

After three months you will have disposed of 120 items and you should be seeing some empty spaces in your house.

In addition, other than food or housekeeping products, every time you buy anything, get rid of the same number plus one. In that way clothes, books, magazines etc start to diminish.

You can’t do it all in a weekend, unless you want to do a yard sale, but bit by bit, you gradually get control over your circumstances.

by: Sherry/ NC

Yes, clutter, I have it also. I have to get motivated to clean it out which I do occasionally.

I am not in any hurry, but do realize it is there and I need to get on with cleaning it out.

If you can do just a small amount every day; say get on a schedule and clean for 30 minutes every day it will soon be gone and you will feel so good about it and you will start sleeping again soon because you are doing your job with the clutter.

Good luck, you can do it!

There are ppl who will come to your home and help with that. I don't know the cost, but I know it would make you feel better having the help, also if you have an area there where you can put the things you do not want then you can call the Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity and they will come and pick it up for FREE and give you a receipt for your taxes.

Now doesn't that sound good?

Please discuss with a therapist
by: Michael - Upstate NY for the summer!


It sounds like you could be depressed. First, have a medical checkup. Then, ask your doctor to recommend a therapist for you.

If your insurance won't cover mental health care, contact your local senior center or county office on aging. Many clinics offer services on a sliding scale.

After you deal with the emotional issues that you are facing, you should be able to clean up your house. It's one item at a time. Ask family and friends to help you out.

Too much me
by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta


"I decided to find self-confidence which I had lost. I decided at age 46 to start college and finished with a MA degree."

You can do this again. Make a decision to do whatever the next thing is you want to do: de-clutter, sleep in your bedroom, leave your "emotional cage."

Your new life is only a thought away. And it's ok that your house is a mess, unless it bothers you. Then you can make the decision to clean it up.

Fear is self-created.

Take one step at a time and go forward.

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