Too Soon To Tell... Never Been Happier!

by Stanley/ Columbus,Ohio

I just lost my job, a job I loved. If I would admit it, I was just getting to old to keep up. I am 64 was going to work a few more years.

I say "Too Soon To tell" because it’s just been a month since I was let go. But I’ve never been happier.

After reading so many of these stories I thought, Wow ! Is this gonna be me in a few years?

I have a very good out look on years to come, perhaps you did too. To me the grass looks greener and every day more brighter. I didn’t realize how much stress I was under until I was done.

Jobs not forever, life is uncertain, nothing last for ever. We need to live for today everyday like it’s our last one.

Simple pleasures like going for a walk, watching the late show. A new chapter in life. We have a way of letting our jobs label who we are, ( teacher, nurse, cpa).

if we need a label try " Retired and free" from the burden and stress of working 10 to 12 hours a day.

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Forced into retirement...decisions decisions
by: Pat, Ohio

Two months after I turned 62 I was terminated from a position at a fortune 500 company. I held on knowing they wanted me and others to walk.

I collected unemployment and after filing a termination gripe with this firm, we reached a settlement (less than what my severance would have been) but it covered the rest of the year for me.

The biggest hurdle I am experiencing is health insurance. I'm on Cobra now with 3 dependents but the cost is over $1K. I opted to take SS at 63 and it helped. My husband took his SS at 62 and is on Medicare.

My fear is that I will not be able to get comparable health insurance for my dependents. I don't worry for myself. I have drawn from my 401K to pay expenses and have let my pension grow. The pension can be taken as lump sum or all in an annuity (with different options).

I could use some advise with this decision.

Wendy: Please please schedule a free call about the pension -- lump sum vs annuity options. I worked with this for 30+ years, do the math before you leap. Let's talk...

Too soon to tell
by: Wee Zer

Stanley, I hope you are collecting unemployment. I was laid off my last job in 2011. Unemployment was at one of the highest points at that time and I was able to collect 73 weeks. Now it is much lower and probably 26 weeks depending on your state. You are entitled to it so take it if you can!

I wanted to work a few more years. I was 58 at the time and looked for work but nothing panned out so at age 62 1/2 I started on Social Security.

The Hub is a year older than me and retired at age 63. We both collect SS and one pension. We pull from savings to keep our income below the 400% poverty level to get the ACA subsidy. Hub is now on Medicare and I go on it in August. Things have worked out for us.

Seems it was time for you to leave the workforce. Enter your new chapter of live and drink the wine of freedom!

Keep lovin' it, Stan!

Sounds like you have a great attitude and escaped with your senses of humor, reason, and fun intact! I, too retired at 64, 6 years sooner than I had planned.

I rethink it daily and daily realize how little I would like to be going off to that decades-old job!

And! After 1 year of retirement, my hypertension and it's medications have "gone walkabout!"

Stan, I hope you hold on to that great perspective and keep sharing it!

Great Attitude!
by: Wendy,

Go Stan! Sounds like you will be perfectly happy, and content, in retirement! Woot!

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