by Sheila White
(Cambridge, Canada)

Wendy, I have a granddaughter, Karyn, (far right in the picture) who is 41 this year and struggling with fibromyalgia.

She is a qualified Registered Practical Nurse who loved her work, but the disease prevented her from continuing. Now she is looking for work that would keep her in personal touch with people while dictating her own hours.

I have suggested to her that she follow your lead and start a business hiring others to do such work while continuing in it herself.

I told her how helpful you have been to me and I directed her to your website, hoping she follows my lead. Meanwhile, I'd love to hear your comments, too....Sheila White


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Too Young To Retire
by: Joan, Massachusetts

I read about Sheila's granddaughter the nurse. One way she can keep working is to work in a medical office and answer the phones. My future daughter-in-law is a nurse studying to be a nurse practitioner and she works the phone and gives advice to new moms or anxious moms and let's them know if they should bring their child in for a visit.

It's a very valuable resource in her docs practice and she does sit most of the time. She's using her medical knowledge just in a different less physical way!

Also I just joined a gym and my instructor had severe arthritis at 25 and is now in her late 50's and says you just have to keep moving and get in shape!

Good luck!

Yes, too young to retire...
by: Wendy

I get it, she can't work full-time, but she also reallly can't retire from life at 41. IF she doesn't work at all, she could have another 40+ years (God-willing) to live on her savings and lesser income. That's a long long time to live on less, and to do nothing.

She really should consider a home business. She doesn't even have to hire anyone -- just work at her own pace, if and when she can. That's the beauty of working online, do what you want when you want.

She can contact me if she'd like me to brainstorm possibilities with her!

Best Wishes!

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