Top 3 Problems with Aging

by June

So, my friends and I were talking about getting older and what things we hated the most about it. And yes, we said hated!

Three things were the most "hated":

  • Inability to get down on the floor and get back up
  • Getting up from a sitting position
  • failing eyesight

    Well, the eyesight can be fixed with glasses but the other two "fixes" alluded us.

    Please share your "fixes" for these problems.

    We can all use help in these areas.

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    Getting up off the floor
    by: Sue/North Carolina

    Hi I understand you are concerned about getting up off the floor.

    I am 63 and not athletic. Well I do not have knee problems, but the strength to get up off the floor does have to be built up.

    Personally I camp in a tent a couple times a month, for 3 days at a time. I sleep on the ground on pads, and need to get up. I keep a folding step stool open and ready to lean on next to the tent door. After I get better at getting up. I just keep a staff or trekking pole next to the tent door to get up.

    I also take care of kitty litter boxes on the ground, and I am able to push myself up with my hands, so that I can keep doing that.

    You will have to train hard to re-acquire this skill, but once you do you will be so proud of yourself.


    move it
    by: Carol from West Chester

    Move it. Yeah, that is easy to say, not always easy to do. I have arthritis, head to toe and in between. Runs in the family. It hurts to move.

    Yesterday in less than 5 minutes of using a weed wacker my lower back was screaming at me. I do water exercise 3 x a week, seated yoga once a week. I still hurt. I take arthritis pain meds from the doctor.

    Getting up from the floor, I look like a dog circling to get up and hanging onto furniture. I furniture walk all the time, use a cane, people help me with grocery bags, etc. It is embarrassing to me, I feel shame at my body.

    Half a life time ago I was 110 lbs, walked miles a day for fun. Now I have doubled my weight and lost the ability to walk for fun.

    Move it, yeah, it is easy to say. Maybe if I could find some self compassion and take that first step? Realize that people are not watching and laughing at me.

    Instead of giving up could I instead at least try to walk a city block?

    by: Cindi H, OH

    Yep - I'm on board with the others - move it or lose it. I used to take it for granted that I could do anything I want. Now I'm having the same problems with getting on the floor and getting out of low chairs.

    Increasing mobility helps. Senior balance classes often include tips and practice for strengthening leg/arm muscles to help getting out of chairs.

    I have bad arthritis in my knees and thought "oh well, nothing I can do about that" so getting up and down from the floor is not pretty but I recently have been getting physical therapy on them (not pain free treatment!) and they promise that I can regain a lot of flexion and extension which will help with that.

    Don't throw in the towel yet!

    by: Dave/Mason, Mi

    Begin entry level strength training...yes, with weights. Get the okay from your doctor, of course but you must have the strength to get up off the floor or out of a chair. A couple of times a week is all you need. Along with walking, etc.

    You are not to old or weak to begin strength training. Do it today!

    by: Carol, Canada

    I am 69, been going to the gym since my early forties. Been walking a dog for 10 years and try to eat healthy and I garden. I say try because I have a sweet tooth and eat a lot of sweets.

    So anyway, all that has kept me flexible and I don't have those problems. Just keep healthy and keep your weight down. I am on the skinny side anyway so maybe just lucky as I eat a lot but honestly, you have to keep moving those joints and keep them oiled.

    At one time I just sat at a computer at work and then came home and sat at a computer. Did nothing else, every joint in my body hurt, even in my fingers and toes.

    Then we got a dog and I started walking and every ache went away. Never had a problem since.

    Ditto the Moving
    by: Anonymous

    You have to move it or lose it.

    I believe that is the key. Don’t give up, just keep trying and your mobility will improve.

    Keep moving
    by: Sherry/ NC

    Yes, just keep moving. Go to exercise classes for seniors and walk or do water aerobics. All of this will keep you moving.

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