Top of the Morning to You

by Ike & Marie
(South Dakota)

No, I'm not Irish.. that turned out to be Scottish.. mixed with German and Baltic... what a mutt! Lol.

I don't have much of a problem.. my wife and I live in a large 2 story house in the middle of the country.. pretty much. We both have a few health (age related) but are doing ok yet. Your advice would be appreciated.

Should we sell our home and purchase a smaller one or possibly a town home or should we tough it out for as long as we can and enjoy our large yard and home.

We both love it where we are and really don't seem ready to move but can see and feel the signs.

Moving would free up some time for other things.. trips, overnights, etc.

Staying or going.. thanks for your input. Thanks for your help.

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Selling your home
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

I am also considering down-sizing... and what I recently realized is that we are aging. :)

Daaah, I knew that, really! :)

What I mean is: this idea of moving, is getting crazier as I age. It's too much to do, to even consider, what to do with everything -- and yet, if not now, when?

Hope some others will chime in here!

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