Totally Lost


Forced into early retirement at 57 due to health issues.

Other than 4 years in college, have worked since I was 15. Geez, it's not fun. I think it would be fine if it had been my idea but I am totally lost trying to find something to do with myself everyday.

The house is spotless, dinner is planned, laundry done. Oh, and it's winter in Cleveland, so the garden isn't looking too good.

Just trying to find a purpose that doesn't have an 8 o'clock start time and an office associated with it.

You would think it would be a lot easier to adjust but I am floundering.

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by: Mitz

Join the Y and do a swim class a few days a week. Volunteer at a nursing home, hospital or school. Take online or in person courses from a local college or distant one.

what to do
by: Cindi H

Have you ever thought about learning a musical instrument? There's a college in Berea that has both band and orchestra you can sign up for. You don't have to have any experience at all - it's intended for adults wanting to learn an instrument. You can sign up by the year or just fall or spring semester. Music stores can rent you an instrument so you don't have to commit long term if you change your mind.

Hubby & I are moving to NE Ohio in a few months and I plan to join that orchestra (I'm a beginner cello student).

Just a thought! Only requires one evening a week during the semester, which includes the lesson & playing with the rest of the orchestra or band (depending on what instrument you choose).

Totally lost
by: Anonymous

Hey there Totally Lost, I am right where you are. Forced to retire early due to health at 57. Recently completed an undergrad then, presto. Not able to work. I am also struggling to fill the time awa, searching for new opportunities. No idea where to begin this new adventure.

Lost and Found
by: Joe W.

Don't feel bad. In my research I found that most retirees are lost when they are basically tossed into retirement without any kind of training or knowledge about what to do in retirement.

I suggest to let the past go and stop looking in the rear view mirror. It's your time to shine and do the things that you have always wanted to do. Now you have the time to do them. You are lost but it's time to be found on the center stage of your new life. Go for it!

Joe W.

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