Transplant Retirement from a local's perspective.

I live in a very small, old town. It's great and we all love it.

Recently there has been a large influx of out-of-state retirees moving in and that's great. What I have noticed, being a man of 46 years of age is that home is where the heart is.

I run into a lot of retired men very eager to get to know me and be my friend which makes me feel good although sometimes it can be a tad "intrusive". It's very common and after a while I noticed something...

They had all retired from a job that they identify with and they had all left their family and support network for a more comfortable lifestyle.

Something to think about.

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Clarification for Locals vs.
by: JS/Texas

I have two questions about your post. I have been both a local and an out-of-stater during different phases of my retirement.

1.) Why do you consider these new-comers as "intrusive"?

2.) You mentioned that the new-comers identified with their past jobs, and they left some family members. Are you inferring these are reasons why they are friendly/intrusive?

You seem to want to make a point. But I don't understand what your point is.

Embrace others
by: Michael - Warm and Sunny Venice Florida

Open your heart and maybe you can make them feel at home.

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