Triggering event

by Nancy
(Santa Claus, IN)

So 2 1/2 years into retirement, I was just thinking to myself a couple of days ago, I'm happier now than I ever have been in my life. I remember feeling this happiness other times in my life too, like when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco. Work and stress blotted out this happiness to a certain extent.

However, yesterday, I was triggered by a Facebook posting of my old workplace. It made me really, really wish I was back in my old job. I dreamed about it all night.

See, the first months, almost year, of my retirement were filled with regret and missing my old job. I'm surprised this has come back full force at this point in my journey.

On Facebook, I found there was a woman who had come back to work as a secretary in the office. She had been away for years and had tried to come back from her current job, which ironically, was the place I worked before my last job. I wished I could go back, too.

The first year, I really, really hoped the woman I had trained would quit so I could go back.

Now, I know I could not do the work, keep up the pace because of my health problems. But still. I wish I could go back. Yes, I do. I wish I could go into work, open my computer, and dig in.

Oh, there are many wonderful things I enjoy about retirement. It's a wonderful life!

Hope I can get past this bump.

Wendy: You said it yourself, you know you can't keep up and have health issues. It's a funny lil blip in your mind... forget it. Sit and consider all that you have, all you are greatful for, count your many many blessings -- and put that silly old job out of mind. Blessings!!

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I'm OK!
by: Nancy

I see I wrote this on August 5. I went to an open house on Friday at my old workplace for one of my co-workers who was retiring. And I didn't get triggered into wanting to go back. It was nice to see some of the people I worked with.

There was slight unpleasantness as I had issues with the woman I trained for my job b/f I left, but this even wasn't bad. I'm glad I went, it showed me I am well out of there.

Wendy: WOO HOO! Big Step...

Where to go?
by: lynn

We are presently thinking about retiring in florida but I don't want to live in a snow bird town. I want a "real" town. any ideas or experiences welcome. thanks

Thank you for your comments
by: Nancy

Wendy, Kathy, Nina, and Joe. Kathy and Nina, thanks for telling me you also have times like I did. Boy, that must have been awful getting an e-mail.

And I need to "remember there was "a reason I retired". Like lying on the sofa completely brain-fried after a day of work. That happened every day.

I am past the blip, but there is still that lingering bit of regret.

I am 65 now and sitting on my sofa with my cat after I got up. I have the whole day ahead of me. I know it would not be possible to work a full day like I did.

One of the things that made it hard was that there were 3 other people in my office my same age or older who were still working. I kept telling myself if they could do it, I could. But that is not a reason to keep working.

Thanks again for your comments, and thank you, thank you, thank you, Wendy for this website. I've said this over and over, this has been a lifesaver.

Wendy You've got it made, you are logical and have this well thought out! Woo hoo! The last part is getting our oh-so-stubborn minds (the subconscious) on board. Then you'll really have a great retired life.

Next time something NOT logical pops into your mind, Just silently tell it: "No, That is a Dumb Thought, I love my retirement and I delete that thought!"

Squeezed from the top out
by: Kathy

Two years ago I was squeezed from the top out due to a streamline of the budget. I simply became too expensive for the school to keep as a classroom teacher.

Talk about shock, I was preparing of school and on the Friday before I GOT AN EMAIL. THAT TOLD ME MY FUTURE. I was lucky and nearly had the years to retire BUT I HAD TO PLAY THEIR GAME PART OF THE YEAR TILL THAT MAGIC DAY WHEN I HAD THE YEARS TO RETIRE. . Financially, I am doing OK.

At 58, I was to young to sit and do nothing. I found a great part time job. Yes, I miss my job when I drive by a school or a holiday break occurs. I had to accept the fact that that part of my life is over. I could teach in a private school but I really want to enjoy my retirement.

I am looking at totally 2nd not working past my 62 birthday. I am developing new interests. I am accepting this stage of life as a new adventure, I refuse to look back and morn the past. I choose to remember the good.

by: Anonymous

Have you considered a part-time job in a different office or field? Volunteer work? It doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing solution. Make it work for you and you;ll be even happier than if you went back to the 40-hour a week grind of your old job - Remember, there was a reason you retired!

Reminiscing about jobs
by: Nina from London

There have been times when I almost had the urge to go back to teaching. Like yourself I would bump into someone who was still at work and then begin to think....Why not? But that urge would fade because I have so much to do with volunteer work, classes, painting and social activities with friends. Most important though is the amount of energy I have. I could never keep up with the stress of a job.

When I read your longing to return to work...well it happens to all of us. What I've done is planned new goals and so retirement gets better and better. Plus, on the horizon is travelling which I am eagerly looking forward to in the Autumn.

Hope you get over this hump and that retirement keeps on rolling a happy tune.

Best Wishes, Nina

Old Job Go Away
by: Joe W.

As per Wendy, I think it's time to 'break that rear view' mirror and make a new plan for your new retirement life.

Once the Second Act of retirement life starts there is no need to go back to play your First Act. Save your First Act in case your going to write your memoir later.

Joe W.

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