Trucker: Lost my job @ 61

by Tom
(Bristol,Wi USA)

Drove a semi-truck all my life, worked for fedex freight for 18 years.

Can you imagine for 34 years never had an accident and then had 3 incidents in 1 year, all minor.. cracked bumper (snow bank), took down an overhead wire (phone line that was too low) & then a cracked faring bracket, made a U-turn too tight.

Well they fired me for this... but it stinks at 61, now 62.. never thought I'd be in this spot, i really liked my job.

I know i'm whining but who can start over at 62??

Nobody in the trucking industry, my question is what do we do now??

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To Trucker
by: Barbara (N.East NJ)

FedEx is NOT the only trucking outfit -
why don't you check out some of their competitors?

You must try and soon - do not let too much time go by or depression might set in. I get the feeling you are not ready to "retire."

If these fender benders have not affected your commercial drivers license, you could still drive a truck, city bus, etc. I'm around your age and was downsized a few years ago (with many others) from my company.

I wish you luck.

Tom and Fedex
by: Linda

Hi Tom...sorry to hear what happened but I have heard from other people who work for fedex that they can be real bad asses.

Question is do you want to continue driving?

Have you decided to take early retirement and work part time or do you want to do some other line of work?

File for Social Security
by: AA in Florida

Since you were fired, go ahead and file for unemployment. When that runs out, file for your Social Security. You can draw social security and still work as long as you don't earn too much.

by: Ricardo

Hey has to always "have a plan." Hopefully you had one as you aged!

Now is the time to put that plan into being.... nothing lasts forever!

IF, you did not have a plan, looks as though you will have to "punt", and at sixty two. it ain't easy!

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