Trusting in My Retirement Decision

by Robb

I am getting ready to retire... 14 Mondays to go!

After reading many other stories of anxiety and sleepless nights I don't feel so unique anymore.

I have reached out to some of my friends who have retired within the last 2 years to grill them over their decision and what led them to retiring. Most get a chuckle out of me as I try to understand the decision process to retirement.... as Wendy has said you just know when its they say sometimes an orange is just an orange....I want to make a science out of this decision.

I realize I have never been here before. I have worked since I was 14. I am almost 60 now so I don't deny its a challenge.

I am a lucky man to have made it this far and I have to learn that life has many chapters if you just turn the page..... so be it.

Thanks to Wendy and her web page, I am no longer feeling alone in this decision and if by some chance its wrong I will right it another way doing something I want to do....

I must trust in myself for once....

Wendy: I kinda like that "as Wendy says..." grin! thanks!

You are right, at some point you just gotta LEAP! If you enjoy retirement, you retire and find new hobbies and such. If you decide you don't like it, you find volunteer work, a part time job, or start a small business. Whatever -- its your world now!

I got a kick out of you asking friends about retirement.... I asked that and a whole lot more, like "HOW did you walk out that door for the last time?" I simply couldn't imagine leaving work that last day, full of tears, walking to my car, so sad. Guess what? Asked many, worried about that moment in time, and it was all for nothing. I walked out, staff taking a photo at the door, arms full of last minute stuff... and never looked back.

Best Wishes!

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The big decision
by: Dorotha

Well, I did it... I retired...after having a job since i was 13...i am a free bird now...and it feels glorious..i retired at the end of the year and maybe the honeymoon period is not over yet but so far i am freaking loving this!!!

I started dog hunting today since finally i can get a puppy and have all day to be with it, rather than letting it mostly raise itself as my other dogs have had to do.

i am reading books... playing my online games like WoW and Diablo 3... watching movies and really just loving that i do not have to do one damn thing that i do not want to do... i was so scared of this... omg who will i be if i am not working??? blah blah blah...

i am me... older than i would like to be...not as pretty as i once was...but smarter and free for the first time in over 50 years... not a bad gig.. hope it lasts.. the gig... and this feeling that i have the world by the tail and i can now just hang on for the rest of the with anything in life..

happiness is a choice and attitude is everything.. i am staying with my 94 year old mother so that she can die in her home... i am still saddled with a serious debt load... i have no clue whether i will have enough money... hell, i may have to find a job at some point... and if i do... so be it...but for today... i am one happy old broad and it feels so good.

by: marjorie

I am so inspired by all of your comments. I am 62 and decided to retire in a few months. I'm not sure what I'll be doing but this group helps me feel positive about the future Thanks

Joy of retirement
by: Nina from London

Hello Robb,

Any change takes time to adjust...but at the end of the transition there are so many wonderful new experiences. For me it had to do with working part time at first (quit my full time job to take care of my husband). Sadly I became a widow and so it was therapeutic to keep busy working part time. Then gradually I decided it was time to devote myself to my hobbies and interests. I haven't looked back.

Can't believe how happy I am doing my volunteer work. I help an international organisation that helps people who have had mental health issues. They've asked me to go to several conferences in various countries which makes it even more worthwhile since I've gotten to meet some interesting people.

Another project is teaching an art group at Woodlawn Center. This too has become fun. I'm taking language classes as well as getting more and more enthusiastic about photography.

Discover what you like and just go for it. This chapter in your life can be as wonderful as you want it.

Best Wishes, Nina

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