Trusting the "Season" of Adjustment

by Sue New Jersey

I've been working in a dental office for 30 years and prior to that, I was a hair stylist. This past June, I had to have foot surgery but was planning on going back to work. As I was recuperating from this serious surgery, I began to decompress in ways I never realized I had to.

Though I was immobile for 3 months, I was relaxed. I was sleeping better and my anxiety was slowly slipping away. I began to think clearly without being emotionally connected to my thoughts about work. I realized more than ever how toxic my work place was.

After this 3 month period, I decided that going back to my office would be like walking into a burning building. So, I retired.

I'm still under the doctors and doing well. Now that I'm feeling better, I am experiencing a little bit of fatigue here and there. I believe that now, I'm entering another phase of adjustment AFTER my surgery and this initial phase of retirement. I think that now everything is catching up.

I have always been active and I have a small business as I am an artist.

I'm giving myself permission if you will to just go with flow knowing that all this is necessary for me before I move on. I'm really trusting the process of this new, exciting and wonderful season in my life. It's different for all of us.

We just have to be kind to ourselves and figure out what works best for us.

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On your way.
by: Irwin Lengel

Sue, having been retired now for over 20 years, let me just say, sounds to me like you have a good plan. Go for it!

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