Trying to Figure it Out

by mark
(ottawa, canada)

been retired since dec 20 2013. the first little while was one big holiday. do what I want when I want . wow!I

started a big garden at home and shovelled an equal amount of soil at our cottage to improve the property there. I worked at a fairly physical job as a landscape foreman with the local municipality for 33 years and now my challenge is to try be as active as I was physically.

one thing I've learned is if you don't use it, you lose it, meaning my level of fitness.

the challenge now is to be as close to as active as I was and watch what I eat to maintain my weight which seems to be harder to do as I age.

not being able to do the activities I like at the level I want to is a bit of a challenge as I seem to be prone to panic attacks when I don't get enough sleep or eat the wrong foods.

I had a couple of stints put in 3 years ago. and this summer my heart specialist said I don't need any medicine for blood pressure other than aspirin( low dose).

I have had a problem with urinary tract infections lately which I am hoping to remedy.

the problem is if you are not busy enough during the day it's easy to get anxious about my health which I am pretty much in tuned to. I find if I get enough sleep and eat food that is agreeable to me it's easier to deal with this.

I am not one to pop pills so I am hoping to deal with it naturally.

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getting it
by: mark/ottawa

having a ball enjoying my new hobby- photography; there is so much info available such as books and videos at the library and on the internet which are perfect for me since I love learning things on my own.

I taught myself fly-fishing,sailing and guitar to name a few things I've learned over the years.

I helped my daughter's boyfriend to insulate the roof of our cottage last september and I've learned to make home preserves and jams and jellies.

Getting fit
by: Carmen Leduc

I retired totally out of shape. My job was my life and my job was sitting at a desk all day long trying to meet deadlines. In the last 5 years of work, I had a super demanding boss. If I wasn't at my desk when he needed me, he would send someone looking for me--yes, even in the washroom.

So needless to say, I am in better shape now than I was then but I have a long way to go.

I have 2 dogs and they do keep me honest but it is a real struggle keeping up with them. I do feel older than I am and that does worry me.

Get Physical
by: Joe W.

I think that you are a Landscaper for life. When I look at residential lots today there are many that are captivating to look at and enjoy.

Maybe, instead of regretting your new retirement I would consider doing a few landscaping jobs as a home-based business.

I know someone that is 90 years old and still doing a few rototilling jobs to prepare a garden area. Nothing too much to handle just enough jobs to get your juices running again.

Joe W.

Know what you mean
by: Nancy

If I don't keep up a regular schedule of activities during the day, I feel worthless at the end of the day and feel emptiness and boredom. Yesterday I took a day off because I wasn't feeling well. I spent the day on the couch reading and watching TV. I did feel worthless at the end of the day. So I relate to what you are saying.

A Dog
by: Anonymous

If you don't have a live pet, a god is a wonderul friend. He/she HAS to be walked every day and twice a day is better. you are forced by your friend to exercise and often you end up walking longer and going to dog parks where you meet other dog owners. Its very sociable when that happens.

by: Sharon

Thanks for you comments Mark. Interestingly I retired in March of 2014 and find I now think about my health more than I ever did. Worry about it in fact.

When I was working it never really crosswed my mind. I am very healthy but suddenly in the back of my mind there is this concern I won't stay that way. Since I am a believer in "your thoughts create your reality", it is a bit concerning............

I am a very busy person, lots of hobbies, friends and community involvement so am hoping this is just an adjustment phase.


by: wendy

thanks Wendy. I've started swimming at least 2-3 times a week at the local pool indoors near home . and my wife and I are going to get a membership at the sport-splex nearby so we can play Racquetball with my sons and daughter who are in their early 20s. also last year I snowshoed while we did some bird
photography. can't wait!

Get Busy!
by: Wendy

Join a local gym if you need to keep physically active... if you force yourself to go for a month or so, you'll suddenly enjoy going.

Something as small as the gym could beat your thoughts of illness. You feel a bit healthier, walk a little straighter and brisker, start doing more outside the home to have fun.

Maybe its not the gym, its going to the movies once a week. Maybe it's a part-time job at a hardware store helping homeowners with home projects. Maybe you volunteer at the community college.

One action sets the whole body and brain into more reactions -- and before you know it, life is really really good!

Best Wishes!

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