Trying to get by

by Chazz
(Harrisburg, PA)

On a Bus Trip

On a Bus Trip

I am retired 14 years (retired early, so I could relax-ha). I do some volunteering, moved to another state after my wife died in 2012.

I've traveled, enjoy karaoke, am permanently engaged to a wonderful lady, but still feel left out. I have problems sticking to one volunteer job, get bored easily and most of all, miss being around people in the working world.

I don't work, as I can't stand very long (knee's and hips), so try to find something to keep me going every day. Sometimes I'm ok, others, not so much. I would love to have friends to do things with (my fiancée has her own agenda's). I enjoy writing and talking to people.

If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you.

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Trying to get by
by: Sherry/ NC

Hi there, you just need folks to have conversations with everyday.

Join a club they will put you to work and you will make friends too. Go to church plenty of friends there to have conversations with and some churchs have a dinner for their members one night a week, get involved.

I am a friendly person always smiling so when I go out in public I can always find someone to have a conversation with even if it is short!

Good luck!

by: Cindi, NC

Have you ever thought about taking up music? I could see you as a bass player. My husband and I have met a whole lot of people after getting involved in music. (And bass players can sit and just perch on a stool while playing) Drummers, too, can sit.

There are a whole lot of people that have taken up music after kids are grown.

Become Chatty Chazz
by: Anonymous

I think you really answered your own question in the last sentence of your posting on what to do in retirement.

You indicated you like to talk with folks and write. Why not write about other people? How about writing about veterans and their experiences. You may actually be helping these folks by telling their stories and acting as a catharsis. Or, find interesting people who do unusual things in life in their jobs, hobbies, etc.

All of this would involve talking to people and using your writing skills. You will get to know people better and tell their stories. After all, everyone has a story to tell.

Become Chatty Chazz.

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