Trying to stay afloat as the months roll by....

by Marie-annette
(Trinidad & Tobago)

I believed I was a Workaholic! in other words a worrier...... as the month progress i am now trying to live the best life i can on a tight budget..... some months i feel the pinch as my expenses differ and panic strikes.

Being alone does not make things easy and how i wished it was different with someone around to share my life story and to listen to their' as well.

For me my retirement became suddenly at the end of 2012 due to the stress. Now i am trying to fill my mind with words of inspiration that i turn into my daily prayer.

Today i am reminded to Pour Out my Heart!...

To Trust God in all times, for God is our refuge.
"Pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord", says Lamentations 2: 19 God listens...."How painful are honest words", (Job 6: 25) God is my Sanctuary, my safe Haven! because He is always listening..... sometimes it's always best to write as we pray.... by sharing we can become a blessing to others!

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Staying Afloat
by: Joe W.


Hi! I understand what your going through. Do you enjoy doing anything where, if you could, you would do it for Free? And,are there any Seniors Centres or libraries near where you live?

Retirement is the stage of life where you can make your own decisions and plan according to your interests, skills and desires.

Joe W.

Past tense
by: Rolph


the page has turned. The past can not come back and so we need to move on and not allow it to slow down our progress.

There is only one way to go and that is forward. If we are driving a vehicle and we keep looking back, what will happen?

Think anbout it my dear! Have a great week-end!


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