Two way support and interaction absolute for retireees

by Raja Wimalaratne
(Malabe >>Sri LAnka)

Stand tall despite set backs

Stand tall despite set backs

Retirement is a stage where one's values as a complement of the society and personally, as well, degenerates and depletes.

This is where the retirees need a fillup to uplift their own ego, It s natural for the brain to bring distress unless one is aware that all humans need t brave the challenges from our own brain and look on the brighter side in life Else we say we are depressed or are in distress??

IT is our own self that needs to tell one self we are confident and we can manage the loneliness if it is the case, and stand tall with confidence boosted ??

IT is psychologically necessary absolutely to make up ones mind to battle the loneliness and there must be alternatives friends ( no:1--preferably near same age)-- activities , outings , get= together , competitions card games, other games with minimal exertion. Competitions can boost the ego quite well THEN sing songs and participation at their own level/.
There can be much more suggestions online arrangements.


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Stand up for yourself with confidence ....
by: Retd. Prof. Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, C-3, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058, India.

Dear Raja,

I liked reading your views on Wendy's website. She has provided us a forum to exchange our views and benefit from the views of others.

I had collected a lot of books in preparation for my retirement. And when I did retire finally at the age of 62, I found my eyesight not good enough to read all the books. I asked my students to take away my books free of cost. But then they began returning the books after having read these.

I decided to solve the problem in another way .... why not get my eyesight checked and corrected by medical intervention? With improved eyesight, I find my stock of books good enough to last for many months of reading.

The problem of loneliness has been solved to some extent. With improved eyesight, my creative writing work has also picked up. I had almost given up writing.

Indians celebrate next week the festival of colors - HOLI. I spend some time these days in supervising my youngest grandson Anirudh (9+) as he plays with colors, sprinkling colored water on his friends. I see to it that there is no quarrel over throwing water. It keeps me busy. After HOLI is over, I intend to teach Anirudh how to play chess. That will keep me busy and I shall get a chess partner to play with in future.

With best wishes, DKS, 22 March, 2013

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