Two weeks left

by Dan

I am retiring in two weeks. I am 67 and thought it was time.

I am in sales and call on my customers weekly. Not sure if I made the right decision but too late now.

Lately I feel sick to my stomach and sleepless. Scared as hell, because I have no other friends except at work.

My family is 3 hours away but don't think I could move their either. Lonely already.

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You Can Do It
by: Linda

I am still working so I haven’t experienced this adjustment. However, my husband has and I have walked with him through this adjustment. Also, as a family therapist I have worked with many people who sought counseling to help them plan their retirement. In addition, I have been studying and experiencing my own aging for the last decade.

What I have learned from these experiences is it takes time. Everyone says it took them time to just feel rested, to organize their house, to do some work on their yards and all the other "to do lists" one has made and not completed over time.

It becomes the time to do the fun activities that work doesn’t allow time for, it is your time to play, to create, to take care of yourself and your life. It is a time to go to the Senior Center, to take day trips, to finish that knitting project or to learn to knit.

It is a new chapter in your life and now all you have to do is step into this new life one day at a day with hope and joy.

Good Luck! You Can Do It!!!

Two weeks left
by: Don /Texas

My advise is keep busy, if your like me and have no hobbies, then invent one. It is an adjustment just like any other. vent things to do even if you have not done them before. Overcome the fear, and after awhile 1-2 years you will adjust and like it. But for now "all things shall pass"

Yes. Breathe.
by: Anonymous

Dan, relax. I also was in sales or sales mgmt all my life and retired at 66 1/2. You, too, may not have had time to think of yourself, because your work was your life.

I didn't have time for friends. But in this past year, I've gotten healthy. Through taking the time to eat well, biking and weight training, I've lost 60 pounds, and look forward to the next bike ride, especially since the last 5 months have been on a trainer.

If I want to drive somewhere and explore, I can take the time to enjoy myself. Relax and explore your interests. At some point I may volunteer, but right now, I don't want any time commitments.

I'm enjoying this new freedom to be me, not something my boss, employees or customers expect.


Sometimes we don't know
by: Sherry/ NC

Sometimes we really don't know until after the fact. I always try to
take baby steps before I do anything; in other words I think about
it for a long time and then I do research. I talk with people, I joined Retirement Online Community to research retirement. I read a book,
Retirement for the Single Woman.

You can do research for any subject; before you buy a kitchen appliance, furniture, a car, before you get a pet; what kind is best for you how much they cost during their lifetime!!

I knew I would have to do something when I retired. I am a productive person! So in order to feel fullfilled I took the first 2 months of retirement and did nothing! I wanted to feel what it was like to actually not have any work responsibilities; then I got going with a volunteer job and I love it.

I drive a tram and give history tours in a public garden in my hometown; after I was settled there I went to
the local senior center and got involved with programs there and now go on a regular basis. There is something always to do. I still do projects around my house that I need to get done.

Sometimes I still get lonely, but staying busy subsides the loneliness.

Two Weeks Left
by: Dan

Thanks for the support. I know i will be Ok.
I think i just get panic attacks sometimes.

by: Joyce...from Tx

Wendy said it best....just give your self time to breathe. It is an adjustment from work routine to retirement routine. It takes time to find a new balance. The blessing is you will have the time!! Embrace it!

Happy Retirement!

You will be FREE!
by: Wee-zer

Dan, Pat yourself on the back that you made it to the finish line at work! You are the envy of lots of people and many would love to be walking out the door with you!

First off, is there any reason you can't plan to go out to lunch with your friends? Is there a local sandwich/pizza shop close to work you can meet them at? I have had many rushed lunches (one hour) and we coordinated really well by preordering and the food was brought out pretty quickly so we could enjoy our get together.

Get to know your town. You have been busy at work and have probably not taken notice of what goes on during the daytime. One thing my husband was so amazed at was how many people don't work and are on the roads and shopping. I do believe he thought there was no traffic and no one was shopping during 'work hours'.

One thing I would suggest is getting a good book to read. I used to read a lot and would really get into the book. It depends on what you like. Adventure, fiction, biographies, how-to books, history, thrillers. There are so many books that are fascinating!

I am currently 'trying' to get into a book which really interests me on how the stone walls were built in New England. It may sound dull, but there are millions of rocks people made hundreds of miles of stone walls out of. Amazing feat! I also like historic expedition books on the arctic and how they survived or didn't survive the harsh, freezing temperatures that are unheard of.

Make a list of things you always wanted to do but never had time for. Fishing, woodworking, hobbies. Learn a language. Learn a new craft. Join the YMCA.

This is the end of work for you and the beginning of new adventures.

Go and visit your relatives and you can return home. Take day trips to little known places. Grow a garden. Even if it is small! You can grow some plants in 5 gallon pails with holes for drainage. I am going to grow bush beans in two pails this spring.

Get a cookbook and learn to make some upscale meals. Take pictures and start a food blog.

Have a yard sale and get rid of your 'junk'.

Start a journal on day one of your retirement and write your thoughts, dreams and goals.

Our Senior Center in town has a group of people who go out to lunch and call themselves 'The Lunch Bunch'. The all meet at a different restaurants monthly to eat and socialize together. You might check that out. You would meet new people and have a good meal too. If you don't care for it there are no strings attached.

Dan, you are going to get thru this! Just like the first day at school, the first day on the job. Now it will be the first day of freedom!

Wendy: WOW, Wee-zer, who ARE YOU? I could have written this! :)

My Thoughts
by: Wendy,

Please, Please don't do this to yourself, before you even retire!

What if -- just What If you end work and love doing nothing (for now)?

What if you gave yourself a little break before you figure retirement out?

What if you don't need friends yet?



D(*&, two weeks from now, I am in the Freedom Zone!

I stay up late and will in sleep late too!

I will eat whenever I choose to, no longer restricted by work lunchtimes.

I will go somewhere every day so that I get out of the house (walk about the neighborhood or local park, grocery shop, go out for breakfast or lunch, check out for new groups to try out).

I will start a list of things I'd like to do -- someday when I am ready -- day trips, new and old interests, volunteer possibilities, simple ideas for later.

I will stay in my pj's all day when I choose to.

I will eat out daily if I choose to.

I will join the gym if I choose to.

Nobody knows what I want in my retirement... they can't advise me. I promise myself to take the time and effort to begin to plan ahead -- but totally give myself a break before I leap into becoming busy again!

Best Wishes!

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