UK Retiree takes up Metal Detecting Hobby.

by Paul M

I took the opportunity of early retirement at the age of 56 from being an Engineering Manager in a FMCG company as the offer was very attractive money wise.

My wife also took the opportunity as well so we started a new way of life which was exciting and had many possibilities.

We planned to move to a more sunny climate in France but this fell through with the price of the Euro, so we enjoyed trips and walks in the UK, not too far away on a regular basis.

After some time, my wife applied for a part time job in a retail business and really enjoyed the work. I worked at home fitting a new central heating boiler and other projects around the house and kept busy.

One thing I liked, as well as my wife, was cooking a special meal when she finished work this was nice and a change for her.

As for hobbies I took up something I wanted to do all my life which was metal detecting, as I am very interested in medieval history. I had a friend who introduced me to a well known club and I became a member.

I went on organised coach trips and car trips all over the country mainly North Yorkshire and Bedfordshire every weekend. I often went to organised rallies in Suffolk and Lincolnshire, this was camping over the weekend which was fun and a great social event as well as being an exiting hobby finding coins and relics.

We still go out for meals in town and a few drinks now and then but we really enjoy our own special menus and our favourite wines.

We have enjoyed gardening this year growing many flowers, herbs and varieties of chillies which we use in our spicy cooking. We enjoy having our grand children around occasionally.

I have found that over the past three years I have a need to do some part time work so I have applied for a job in a well known retail supermarket and start next week.

So here is a new chapter....

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