UK Will

by Wendy J

My aunt in England passed away this year.

Her will has left everything divided between my cousin in England and myself in Australia. As my cousin is doing the probate and other things herself there is no solicitor involved. I

have asked to see a copy of the bank statements as there are about four accounts. But my cousin tells me there aren't any and that the bank just gave her the balances in a letter which she relayed to me in an email.

Is this normal practice as I would like to know for certain what is in these accounts.

My cousin is the exectrix.

Wendy: First, I know nothing about wills and courts in the UK, as I live in the USA.

BUT -- Why not write to each bank, asking for documentation? Tell them you are one of two beneficiaries, give a few details and simply say your attorney needs to see documentation of the accounts.

They will reply -- asking for something further to prove you are you, or whatever...

You could find them online and send an email via their "contact us" to get the ball rolling. Then they'd tell you within days what they need from you... or you can send a postal letter, takes a bit longer.

Either way, you've notified them of your location (address/phone number) so that nothing can be done without your consent.

Just my two cents.. ACT. Don't do nothing!

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They also help who just show the right way ...
by: Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava New Delhi India

Dear UK Will Beneficiary,

I am much impressed by the precise and very useful comment made by Mr. Anonymous. It is quite clear that he/she is wise man/woman of the world.

Yes locate the executor of the will. Stake your claim. Dont part with your original claim documents. Only xerox copies and your full mailing address. Your lawyer will do this for you. Remember legal fees are rather high. The best course will be to engage a lawyer who agrees to accept a pre-determined percentage of what you finally get + out of pocket expenses subject to a certain pre-fixed % of your final claim. Do not agree to unlimited legal fee and expenses. This methodology is quite common in motor vehicles accident claims litigation in India.

Also, do not create upon yourself any liabilities in anticipation of getting the claim amount. Celebrate only after you actually get the amount. In my last comment I had asked you to invite me to your celebration party when you get the claim.

Best wishes, Durgesh 24th August, 2010

UK Will
by: Anonymous

As you are not executor, you must communicate with the executor regarding your questions. The executor is required to provide you with the Probate information and is required to distribute the monies as per the will.

Only firemen know how best to fight a fire ....
by: (Mr.) Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi, India

Dear UK Will Beneficiary,

Most of the western world including UK and USA, has a well established, fair and equitable legal system. It will be best to hand over the entire matter to an inheritance lawyer. You can find a good lawyer on the Internet or through the Bar Council of your country.

Settle the total lump sum fee in advance. Some lawyers will be willing to work on a percentage system. Remember in some places there is a law of limitation and a time limit for registering your claim.

Collect all records and documents, give to your lawyer full legal proof of your own identity, and ask him/her to find out tax liability, if any.

The lawyer may ask you to publish a public notification in newspapers setting forward your claim. If you adhere to lawyer's advice, you will succeed.

Best wishes! When you get your share throw a big party and please do not forget to invite me...

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