Unclaimed Savings Bonds

Do you know that billions of dollars in uncashed Savings Bonds are sitting out there?  In January 2014, my local newspaper advised that there is 47 million in matured unredeemed bonds totally $16.1 billion dollars waiting...

These are bonds that have matured but nobody cashed them! Believe it or not, these are bonds that are already 30 years old -- purchased   before 1984 (which, to me, sounds like yesterday!)

Bonds issued in 1984 stop earning interest in 2014, depending on the month they were purchased. 

How does it happen that they were never cashed?

Well, I hold some of those myself... and I suspect my nephews and nieces might have a few that I purchased for them as children, long lost and never cashed.

So, how do you research to find lost bonds?  Please don't assume you don't have any -- you could have purchased for someone else as a gift, or for yourself. It's really hard to remember what you might have purchased 30 years ago, right?

You will search under your own Social Security number as years ago, kids didn't get Social Security numbers early in life. 

It's even a good idea to search annually as more expiring bonds may mature and you'd miss them.

How to Find Lost Bonds

1) Start with a search at TreasuryHunt.gov

2) Read more about Bonds that Stopped Earning Interest here.

If you find a lost bond under the Search, you will have to submit a PDF 1048 form for verification purposes. You can also print out the form for any lost or stolen bonds. 

Any bonds purchased in the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s are not online at Treasuryhunt.gov so for any of these years, you must complete the form above.