Unexpected anxiety and depression after retirement

by Diane

Retired after 34 years teaching... didn't really expect to retire for another three years, but the hours were unending and more demands coming every day. Decided I could afford it and that three more years of unhealthy stress would not yield enough additional money to make it worthwhile.

Greatly enjoyed just "being" the first month.... catching up on rest and helping my mom with things I couldn't do before.

Second month found me continuing my volunteer work with a student team I'd been working with for 9 years - love it.

Then, the third month came and I got hit hard with anxiety, tears, fear, and depression.

My retired friends tell me that this isn't unusual, but I'm having a much worse time than they. Please tell me this will get better... that I'll get my self-confidence back, and will be able to once again relax and enjoy life without being afraid to get up in the morning.

Wendy: It definitely gets better. Retirement anxiety/depression is common during the retirement transition phase of life.

However -- but if it doesn't get better, please see a doctor to weigh in on what's happening. Sometimes it might be a chemical imbalance.

It sounds like retirement is perfect for you -- you have volunteer work available already (not needing to now seek it), finances are ok, why NOT?

WHY do we lose self confidence simply because we are no longer working for our employer? but yes, it does happen. Please remind yourself that you are the same person you were a few months ago - try to get out more, that might help.

I hope other retirees will chime in here -- every opinion counts and others stories remind you that there's a big ole world out there waiting for the NEW RETIRE YOU!

Who and what will you do with your new retired future -- it's all up to you!

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