by Julie Grenness
(Melbourne, Australia. )

It seems like just yesterday. I awoke and decided, "It is time for me to retire!"

My path ahead changed. I had been looking after a geriatric. His end stage was quite demanding. Time passed, life goes on for the rest of the human race on Earth.

During that time, I was enabling a couple of tertiary students from overseas with their English. I worked online at home. I was thrilled for them when P's got them degrees.

So, that was that, I became a lady of leisure. No longer did I compete in the world of academia. Nor was I on call round the clock for a geriatric. I spent happy hours polishing any writing skills I possess, being the convener of the local writing group.

I did continue to participate in my no-obligation ladies' club of craft and coffee. Learning new patterns and handcrafts is good for our neurons. Our social supports are good.

Meanwhile, at home, I pottered in my garden, and relaxed with a pile of good library books, different genres and authors. Nothing wrong with that. The world needs more literacy, and exchange of ideas.

Now I approach nearly seventy decades on this planet. I reconsidered. Our noble politicians here Down Under altered the earnings for the pension. They want boomers back in the workforce, to share our expertise and life skills to overcome staff shortages.

Inspired, I advertised again as a Resume writer. I offered a special rate, a minimal fee for job seekers. I did receive a few nibbles, some red herrings. I wrote some Resumes. My clientele were pleased, and were grateful when they achieved job interviews. Air fist pump, attagirls!

I also advertised again as an English tutor. Slowly, slowly, until the next learning year commences Couple of nibbles so far. I do offer individually tailored tutorials, designed to recover students, to achieve improvements. Like my good old days!

Have you unretired? Like most things at our age, it is a case for "Use it, or lose it!"

Some days, I am still a lady of leisure. it is quite enjoyable in the evenings, to gaze at the sunset, doing nothing for a while. Other days, I write online.

There can be many ways to explore a new stage in our retirement path--unretired!

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by: Canada

I retired in 2013 and began volunteering for a nonprofit senior activity centre. I done that since and have had a couple of stints on the board.

Left the centre was asked back to help when the manager left and am now on the board again and working as an acting manager. so have I retired or not?

Still a volunteer but do full-time work. It keeps me busy as I am not much of a Gardner, don't like to cook, hate housekeeping and find being at home boring. so, I guess this is what I do.

To each his own.

Wendy: I am happy for you! You found your niche in later life... fabulous!

If you are working/volunteering full-time, I think they should pay you. If you are required to be there, committed to helping them through this period, not just a board member there for meetings, or a volunteer there for a few hours... they can pay you. :)

Moms Assisted Living place said they'd hire me... but I don't want the commitment right now. Need to be where mom is, sometimes not there... but you are helping and managing the place. Would be nice to be rewarded a bit.

VERY happy for you!!

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