Using Your Gifts: Guitar Playing

by Wendy

May 2015 Concert: Richmond MI Community Choir

May 2015 Concert: Richmond MI Community Choir

My husband has played guitar at our church for over twenty years now.

One day, out of the blue, he told the music director, at Saturday night contemporary service, that he'd play if they needed help sometime. I was so surprised as he hadn't touched his guitar since his teen years. He was maybe 40ish at the time.

Today he plays at four different churches. If our church needs him, he plays there... they have first dibs. When he plays there, he plays one service on Saturday night and two services on Sunday, plus practice sessions... and loves every moment. He plays Tuesday nights at a Recovery service, every week, too.

He also plays at the new church we started, about an hour away from here. They hold two Sunday services, which means he is free to serve elsewhere on Saturday nights.

Our church wants many to serve with their individual gifts... so quite often, others volunteer and take turns singing or playing instruments.

Terry has continued to play with the first church from 20 years ago, on Saturday nights, when he is available and not involved with our current church. This works just perfect too!

Over the years, he has met and played with SO MANY musicians. One is an instructor at the local Community College. He invited Terry to play at another local church. He enjoys his time there too.

These churches are non-denominational, Lutheran, and Baptist... and many of the songs are the same at all churches, though they may be played a bit differently.

Recently, someone asked him to play at a choir concert and he agreed. The photo is on this page... and this was a completely different playing. Old songs, new songs, all new to him, but he loves a challenge and learned them in three weeks... AND he was paid nicely for this job. We were so shocked. He would easily have done this without any fee, but he was paid. Pretty Cool.

Did I say that Terry doesn't read music? Nope. He plays by ear and memorizes the songs.... God-given talent, I think.

Finally, a Catholic church called last week to ask if he'd play (for pay). The caller didn't know who referred him, only "another Catholic church"... but he doesn't play for any Catholic churches! Word gets around...

Bottom Line: Some churches pay and some churches don't, but they all seek help with their weekly services. You never know how that translates into your life later. At 62, and retired, my husband really loves playing his guitar... maybe you would too!?

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Your husband's talent is a blessing to be shared with many. How wonderful!

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