Very grateful

by Barb
(Pitsburgh PA)

Hello I retired 9 yrs ago, age 60, from 30 yrs of work. I was not prepared for retirement as retired in the winter.

I went into depression, crying and felt useless. I was in shock. Medication helped and found a part time job .

The point of this post is, I found Retirement Online and it helped immensely to see everyone had different reactions to retirement .

I recommend it to anybody I meet who recently retired. I commend this site , thank you very much!!!!

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Wendy you also helped me
by: Elliott

When I first retired, it was a bug transition. I wrote to you and you replied with positive words of encouragement. I appreciated it a lot.

Wendy: Thank You!

I agree
by: Nancy

I found this site a year and half after retirement. I was in shock like you. Had a very rocky beginning. This site has helped me immensely.

Wendy So happy to hear this! Thanks!!

Thank you Barb!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

I appreciate your comments so much today. We've been sick with the flu, haven't touched this site and BOOM -- just before Christmas, I find this post!

Thanks I needed this!

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