VIew from my Retirement Window:
Morning Ramblings

by Ricardo

As I post this, I too am looking out of my window into my back yard, it is just dawn, the birds are singing,it is cool and refreshing, a bright new I enjoy viewing the fruits of my flower gardening....a "feast for the eyes", and subtle contentment......all is right with the world!

Wendy: Wow.. Beautiful! I love it!

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Morning Ramblings

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Front yard
by: Karen

Out my window is my beautiful front yard.

My busy birdbath is inhabited by the many birds my feeders have attracted as well as the squirrels who are trying to find the acorns they have buried or are busy driving my little Yorkie boy crazy.

The stately huge oak trees and the lovely little Impatiens that have taken hold beneath them make a peaceful restful scene. The Hostas are beginning to show their blooms and the Hummingbirds are busy chasing each other from the feeders on the porch.

All is well in our world and we enjoy every minute of it.

Wendy: I love hosta.... no work, plush greenery that comes up annually. Beautiful!

The View
by: Jon K

Ah yes. The view through my window.

I had no idea today was going to be a good day. What a surprise! There have been dark thunder clouds in the sky all day. The whole world seemed ready to break out in teardrops. My least favorite kind of weather.

Scheduled for the art studio this afternoon. Today the pieces of my ceramics project should come together. That’s the plan. But I have no idea how they are going to do that. Just got to bring the right energy attitude to the work, and trust it will be okay.

OMG! After fussing and fretting. Letting go. Breathing deeply. Laughing and listening… It IS! It is coming together.

I like it. I can live with it. In fact, I like it a lot! It is graceful. I LOVE IT.

In the convolutions of my cortex the sun shines through the clouds. Good as a rainbow. Take a break. Peel a juicy refreshing orange. Savor the moment.

Don’t know how long it will last. But for right now, as Irwin says, “All is right with the world ”.

I will just ride that sucker. Just savor the moment. We all know there are no guarantees, nothing lasts, the only thing you can count on is change.

Plus... the global economy looks like it is going to be a real BITCH. But for right now… the view outside my window is wondrous beautiful.

Wendy: Love that you quoted Irwin! Cool!

P.S. Consider writing about your ceramics... Write Right HERE! - details on where you do it, what it costs you, how long a piece takes. I'd love you to write to educate other seniors who might like to try ceramics (me included). If you do, please upload a photo or two too! Thanks!!

All is right with the world - leastways our little piece of it!
by: Irwin

Exactly - good for you. It is amazing how when one stops to think about it, how the little things make such a difference in the world.

Just the thought of waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee or the site we see when we first look out our windows - it just makes one feel that no matter what else is happening - for that one precious moment all is right with the world and today is going to be a good day.

Thanks for sharing.

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