Vindicated far more than bored...

by Randy in Vinton

I was "forced" to retire 19 days before my 66th birthday last year. So, for the record, I started working full time, the day after graduation from high school, Friday 06/06/69.

In those fifty years of blue-collar labor, I racked up nearly 60 employers. So I am the first to admit I have a problem with "authority figures" defined, by me, as those who with such convenience and ease confuse their authority with superiority, with being "better" than everyone else. Blame my generation, the boomers, for that shift in things.

My point, however, is that true "old age" begins the first time you hear yourself talking to someone else and the words "Back when" comes out of your mouth. At that second, you are admitting being witness to a world that has changed and you, regrettably, have been pushed to the side. In that regard, I've been "old" for, oh, at least thirty years.

So yes, count me in with the others who view retirement as pure boredom. At the same time, however, work, labor, "employment" of any kind, remains the single-most boring thing I ever did in my life.

So I have indeed paid my dues in every sense of the world and perhaps it is a bit morbid and pathological, but there is a certain serenity that comes in having nothing but time to watch those younger generations, oh so much more educated than myself, repeat the mistakes of the past.

Sorry, but those days of "thirty years and a pension" vanished, in my lifetime. And the last thing I want, in these "last years" of my life, is a continued association with "those people".

So I will avoid, like the plague, going anywhere where those "happy retirees" like to hang out. I prefer the happy solitude of the soul, here in the privacy of my home.

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Keep the comments coming
by: Larry Steward / SC

So great to see how many people come forward and actively comment in general on this site. That is why Wendy set it up this way. We don't have to take this journey on our own. Everyone will experience moving into retirement differently but we all share the experience of going through one of life's biggest transitions.

If anyone has a specific question or if your looking for some type of support, put it out there. When you consider how many are active here and how much collective knowledge, resources and contacts we have access to - I'm sure it's mind-boggling. Keep it up everyone!

Just be
by: Betty

When you retire can you just be?

Sounds like you paid your dues
by: Larry Steward / SC

Now, what Randy? I appreciated your tell-it-like it-was career experience. I know I can relate to some of that.

It sounds like you have more to tell and much more to experience if you find yourself hitting that boredom wall and changing course. You must have carved out time for some hobbies or other fun time right?

As someone helping others here find something they would love to do in retirement, especially if they want to continue earning an income - I would like to hear more of your story as it unfolds in this mysterious world of retirement.

You are a good writer and others can benefit from your side of the story. Good luck Randy in whatever you do or decide not to do.

Just the new step
by: Sherry/ NC

Retirement is just the next step in life. We do experience many steps along life's highway and it is all a learning experience!

This retirement is your new life's experiment. Please try it out and you will learn much and grow in life to love your new found freedom.

There is much to be done in the world follow your heart and you
will find your new purpose. Good luck!

Keep exploring
by: Michael - Catskill Mountains

I feel the same way. I will be 54. Time went by. Technology changed - some good, some not so good.

Now, everything seems to be "look at me, look at me - I'm on TV, on Instagram, on YouTube, etc."

Solitude can be found anywhere - in your home, in nature, in a crowd. It is a state of mind. Yes, having a lot of time is boring. And, I too, find it hard to find things to do. Riding my bike, cutting the lawn, doing some gardening.

But, I still have not found that ultimate purpose to drive my life, vs. simply having things to fill my time.

So, I keep exploring, hoping that one day something new will develop and I will have that YES! moment. So, get up, get out of the house, and reach out. You never know who you will meet or what you may find.

A simple moment could change your perspective and change your life.

Work hard at moving forward...
by: Junebug in Deerfield

You will come to love retirement. Please leave those years and your negative feelings about them behind you. There are still great years ahead once you embrace the freedom and the beauty that are in this world.

I am not going to offer suggestions for you to fill your time. You know the things that interest you.

I, myself, live where I can birdwatch and garden. You may prefer to work on machinery or repair bicycles or some other manly pursuit.

Give it some time and enjoy every day. We only have so long on this earth so we need to make every day a great experience.

hula hoop
by: zephbe

Have you considered hobbies to entertain yourself and fight boredom? Get a hula hoop and a mirror. Let your creativity out.

Oh my
by: Michigan

well my friend all I can say is good luck.
When you get over you and you need a friend this site will be here.
Warm Human Hugs

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