Vision Problems in Retirement

Christmas 2015 for my Dad:

Just a funny story... I used this shop to find items for my own father for Christmas. I couldn't get another sweater, been there, done that, for years now! GRIN!

A few years ago we got him the yellow/black keyboard letters... but he no longer uses the computer now.

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I got him a flat magnifier for his  newspaper, a pair of TV glasses, and a talking watch! Shipped within days to my doorstep... nothing could be easier!

Dad loves the watch, he's got wet macular degeneration, so its a great help to him (he is always asking mom for the time... no more!) 

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The flat magnifier is a big plastic sheet that magnifies when you hold it up off the page.

The TV glasses... not sure they will work for him. Mom and Dad thought there were too many adjustments (anything complex at 87 and 89 turn them off)... so I need to help him get them adjusted to see if they will work for him, or not. 

BUT the watch -- he loves the watch!

Now what the heck will I do next year?