Visit Ukraine

by Dave
(Mason, MI, USA)

Hi, I'm 66 years old and I've found travel to be my thing. Experiencing someplace new is invigorating and connects me with the color and texture of life.

I'm a widower so I travel alone but I meet good people everywhere. I stay in small apartments or hostels, tote a backpack and carry a good city map... and I've had some amazing adventures.

In eastern Europe the beer is cheaper than water and small apartments are 12 bucks a night...Of course, my kind of travel isn't for everyone but it might work for you.

I've had a lot of older people tell me, Oh, I could never do something like that and when I ask them why they don't have an answer. Well, the answer is fear...the great inhibitor.

Now is our time and I suggest we take full advantage of it! Yes, boats in a harbor are safe but that's not what boats were built for.

Good luck and maybe I'll see you in Tallinn...

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by: Dave in Mason

Yes, travel insurance is a good idea although I forgot it my last trip. I must say that even though I like Ukraine and I haven't had any problems, Odessa is known as the most dangerous in continental Europe so you must be aware.

I'm going to Melk, Austria in June and St. Petersburg, Russia in September. The plan is to catch a ferry in northern Germany and visit Gothenburg, Tallinn, and Helsinki on my way to Russia.

I expect it to be a great adventure!

Travel Clubs
by: Joe W.

There are travel clubs for adult Singles now and I believe you'll find some in Europe also. And of course you can always find travel clubs for seniors. I sometimes travel alone, sometimes travel with seniors and other times travel with mixed seniors & non-seniors. I like a potpourri of travel adventures.

The Ukraine might be one of the scary countries to be traveling to especially since President Putin won his latest 'democratic' election, and now with the convincing win he could be planning to conquer some more territories for his personal pleasure.

Hopefully you always buy adequate travel insurance travelling as a Nomad.

Cheers Dave
by: Anonymous

Hi Dave! I like your style well done boys, life is for living .
Cheers, Michael

Visit Ukraine?
by: Ken San Diego

Glad that you like being in the Ukraine! I personally love Thailand, where it is very inexpensive to live there. I Have a Condo in Bangkok, and the food is great and cheap, and the transportation (Skytrain, MRT (subways) Taxis, and Tuk Tuks are Great!) The weather is HOT and HUMID year round, so if you don't like that ...then Thailand (especially Southern) is not for you! I might just visit Poland some day! and check out my ancestor's homeland!

Wendy: Ken, My cousin from CA has a place in Thailand and loves it there too!

So glad I didn't wait
by: Elizabeth, WV

I too have traveled alone but as a woman felt I needed to be more connected, for safety sake.

Worked until I was 80, but each year took a trip, sometimes overseas or to discover a new adventure in our beautiful country. Learned to use my camera to photograph wildlife, chasing bears in Canada, Alaska and British Columbia.

Now at 85,I am limited in my mobility, but have ALL of those wonderful adventure memories to keep me company. I have never regretted but only learned from my travels.

by: Anonymous

I "travel" usu a max of 22 miles round trip but I live vicariously so I'm studying Spanish and chat with Pal Dora from Columbia; watch Rick Steves on PBS and troll the 'net.

Otherwise, I thrive in a Staycation where ALL I NEED is within 22 miles and I am saving precious time/money and avoiding all those unpleasant travel experiences.


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