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by Sharyn

I came upon an ad one day while reading the local paper! A young woman was looking for a volunteer to come to her home to spend time with her partner, who had recently been diagnosed with early stage dementia (at age 45 yrs.) l replied to the ad and had an interview.

Because l had recently retired from a 25 year career at nursing, she thought l would be a perfect fit for her partner. l met her partner, l will call her Catherine, she is a lovely woman, she had dreams like we all have when we r that age, however because of her recent diagnosis, her dreams became her nightmare*

I've spent 2 hours a week, every week, for the last several months with this woman. We play card games, scrabble, talk. l see the disappointment in her eyes as she talks about her future & how helpless her situation is for her and her partner of 10 years.

The life they share, dreams they had, plans they made, now every day is a struggle for them to keep it together and plan on tomorrow, never mind the next 10 years. l will continue to go and spend time with this woman, Catherine, and do what we have been doing for several weeks now, she talks, l listen & l am there for her too!

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a very kind person indeed!
by: Anonymous

I have worked in a Nursing Home setting for Recreation Dept. For 30 yrs. Now that im retired I miss it so much that I may volunteer my time as you are! It is so rewarding to bring positive energy to those people who need your kindness. THANK YOU for reminding me of this ......God Bless You!

by: Goldie

You are a kind and wonderful person!

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