Volunteer Group for Veterans

by Ron H
(Delray Beach Florida)

Hi, Retired 3 times and now at age 76 I've started a Volunteer Group for Military Veterans at a ALF.

Just 1 - 1 1/2 hour of just discussing their Military experiences with each other, after introducing themselves to each other. It's giving me enormous satisfaction and the Activities Directors of the Facility love the idea. They're constantly looking for ideas for increasing the activity of their populations.

I met the Activities thru my Volunteer Work with AmeriCorps as a Senior Companion. Here's their link below (great group!)

Might be an idea "in retirement."

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Volunteer Group for Veterans
by: Sherry/NC

Y'all all go to a Krispie Cream and have donuts and coffee. You will feel better. I love coffee and donuts, don't you?

by: Anonymous

This is the type of thing my husband did until he was 100. he had spent WWII in a Japaneese prison camp because he was in the area of China that they controled. I am so glad seeing others do this.

Kudos to You, Ron!
by: Wendy

YOU are doing something wonderful for those Vets.

My own dad, age 89, at least weekly (or more) says: "Can you believe I was in the military SEVENTY years ago?"

Over and over he talks about little bits and pieces he remembers... never about his 35 years at General Motors, or his six kids, or his farm home, etc... always that milittary service. Oddly enough he served less than 2 years and not in the midst of war either. BUT it so impressed that young man, that he remembers it daily in his later later life.

You could do this in several facilities, weekly or even monthly... those vets would welcome you with open arms. I wonder if the facilities would pay you a stipend to get their vets involved...

Also bet you could get donations from donut places, or Walmarts, or whatever... they write it off on their taxes as a charitable vets donation, and you make more smiling veterans faces.


Pssst, Retirees, take note of the Senior Companion Link in Ron's story. Could YOU be a Senior Companion in your community. This is a great way to Pay It Forward (especially for introverts like me)... one on one communications and helping someone remain in their home. It only takes one person to help another! Just CLICK!

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