Voting Is Freedom With A Capital "F"

by Ricardo

Today is election day all over this great land of ours.

Make it a point to exercise your right of freedom to vote for the candidates of your choice. We often take for granted this special right that we were all given in this great country of ours.

Many people all over the world would, and have died defending this freedom we call "voting." Some may say it does not matter who gets elected, "nothing will change." Well, it is that kind of complacency that leads to all kinds of trouble.

We all know how much we miss something when it is taken away from us and cannot get it back. During this election, stand up, be counted, and V-O-T-E!

All indications are that this is going to be a very close election on the NATIONAL level.....your one vote may be the deciding factor on our nations future and the path we take can affect future generations......SO PLEASE V-O-T-E!!!

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Voting is Freedom
by: Ashfaq Gulzar

Hello Americans!

We have watched you on the Television and on Internet the Elections and Voting process. We also heard our local TV news and anchor persons comments. Elections is US are always wonderful experience.These are very well planed and well executed. This shows you are Great Nation. Like Americans all people in the world get planned and must vote for democracy if not Freedom like the people of US ways and wants.

I am well sure that the Election Process in Pakistan will also lead towards the way and path to the real democracy.

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