Waiting for the other shoe to drop

by Vickie

Constant worry if we were taken advantage of medical coverage wise.

Worried about spending money in case our grandchildren may need it, as they have so much less than we had.

Afraid to respond to ads or salesmen for fear of scams.

Who can you trust?

Try to do research, and unable to tell what is actually reliable. Overwhelmed by media.

Everything seems to be designed to create anxiety in order to get one to act out of panic!

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Spend Your Money
by: Patrick

You only have one retirement. You need to enjoy it. Spend what you need to be happy and comfortable. You worked hard for that money.

If there is some left for the family then great , but if not then that is OK. It was yours to spend and enjoy.

We are not planning for our grandchildren. We are not wealthy enough for that. We have enough to live well and enjoy our retirement. Family knows we are spending it.

My Thoughts
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

Vickie, Your post says Anxiety all over it. You don't have to live like that.

Go see a doctor. Get some meds, even temporarily, so that your mind can correct itself and find some logic again. I know many don't like meds -- but sometimes there are imbalances in our body that need help.

Help Yourself. Talk to your doctor. Trust that doctor. If one med doesn't do the job, go back -- sometimes it takes time to find the perfect one for you but when it works, your whole world will turn around nicely again!

Best Wishes!

p.s. Your Grands have the same opportunities that you had in life. They can work and save as you did over a lifetime. If they are too young, I understand. But if they are old enough to work -- ENJOY something in life and stop saving for them.
This is the only life you have! Enjoy it!

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