by Ricardo

When you're young and time doesn't matter,
one sits around in idle chatter,
but when the twilight hovers near,
one almost wants to shed a tear.

Your life just seemed to hurry by
without much time for even a sigh!
You contemplate what could have been,
and somehow wonder....if you'll win.

The time the time it won't slow down,
it's always there to hound and hound.
Can life be so awfully bad,
or is it just another fad?

Time is relative so they say,
but is it really.....day to day?
Life is what you make it some spouts,
but what about old age and gout?

Surely life is not much fun
when your days are nearly done!
Do the good days even count....
or do they simply mount and mount?

Death is near....I see it's cloak,
it seems to be beckoning the old folk....
what remains but the dark grave...
and yet we still seem to rant and rave!

Is life to short....to some it's long,
they never know what's right or wrong,
Yet, can life go on and have no reason....
we know that death occurs in ANY season....

so we ponder as we wait
for life to cast it's one last fate......

A rather "dark" piece from Ricardo's "early years"......1969

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Tears in Eyes
by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Just depressing.

Must u keep reminding us ?

Give us your poems... HAPPY poems?

Wendy Sharyn, Stop reading. This is all part of life and why not share our thoughts?

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