Was It All About the DENIM?

by Julie Grenness, in Australia.

Over Sixty, and wearing denim. We still look good in jeans. Or we think we do. In 2017, denim jeans are part of practically everyone’s apparel. For the
over-sixties, the denim jeans we still wear reflect a part of our lives. Jeans are like a statement of more than fashion.

Originally, denim jeans in the USA represented cowboys, and the Wild West. Then came Marlon Brando in “The Wild One”, in his jeans. In the
swinging sixties, the American college students, and teens around the globe, started wearing blue jeans as a symbol of solidarity with youth, with anti-
discrimination, and with anti-drafting for the troops battling in Vietnam. Women could wear jeans to embrace equality. Our singers in bands used to
wear denim jeans. Their music was all our own.

We all still love our jeans. Denim fits us, wears well, and each pair of jeans fades in its own unique way. Some of us have adopted fleecy tracksuits
along the way, for total comfort. But for street wear, denim jeans are an evergreen popular choice.

\So what has survived the swinging sixties? Our youth has gone, our music consists of aging pop stars, such as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, the
Silent Spring is even more silent, and Vietnam is only a story to the modern children. Revolutionary free love has disappeared in a cloud of AIDS and STD’s. The millennial generations regard us as genial Neanderthal doshbags.

But the denim still survives. Trends may come, and fads may go, but the denim is as popular as ever. We are now the aging baby boomers, over-sixty relics of the swinging sixties, when we were growing up into a new world.

We still look good in our jeans, or think we do. Was it really all about the denim?

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Jeans For Sale
by: Anonymous

Today many department stores are going out of business because of the strong competition from the usual suspects. In closeout sales I have bought good quality denim various brands for as low as $4.00 CDN a pair.

I always have several pairs of jeans in my current inventory waiting to be worn. I cannot believe that people today will buy over-priced jeans that have more square inches of holes than the actual denim. That's the trend today!

I'm always conscious of wearing shoes that have a hole or two in them. Maybe the Boomers can start a new trend where we have the freedom to walk down our streets with holes in our shoes.

by: Ken San Diego

Since you are all concerned about Denim and what to wear, and why or why you shouldn't wear it?

Just go to a nudist colony - LOL

No Levi's at the Gap
by: DaveinCalif

Here’s a little trivia tidbit. Since you mentioned getting jeans at The Gap, they do not sell Levi’s brand jeans there at all. (or at least the last time I checked)

But, when the Gap originally started out here in SF Bay Area, they sold ONLY Levi’s and records. Nothing else! I remember attending the Grand Opening of their second store in San Jose, CA.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gap_Inc.(Yikes ... getting old)

Comfort reigns
by: Elizabeth, WV

I am 85 and still wearing denim, not the skinny jeans or leggens. Boot cut pants and denim skirts my favorites. Don't have a model's figure but can still look sharp for my daily travels.

Rocking on in my jeans
by: Michigan

I love my jeans and I remember when I couldn't wait until after work to change in to them. Now I'm retired and have given away all my work clothes ~ yeah ~ and wear jeans everyday.

But as I'm shrinking and getting smaller, from 14/16 to size 6, the new jeans I had to buy just weren't the same. Most of the denim now has stretch in it but they are comfortable and jeans so I adjusted. The problem was style hip huggers, tight legs, straight legs and oh my holes and rips.

The thrift shops have the same thing so I had to adjust again to the new breed of jeans but there are some styles a 60 plus should never wear ha, ha!

Anyway I still had jeans from my college days and yes they were worn but so comfortable I tried wearing a belt just to keep them. But finally I had to give them up and I had to adjusted to jeans below my waist. Then as I got smaller so did the jeans so now lol I even have a couple of pairs hip hugger. But it is so worth it because I love my jeans.

So now some timeless fun about how jeans add to your life besides being comfortable. Well at a size 6 from behind I look great (like a teenager I've been told) and with my long white hair it has been quite funny at times when a bold young man taps my shoulder or horns his horn and I turn around ~ let me just say their expressions are priceless ha, ha!

Rocking on in my jeans LOL!

Wendy: Check out jeans at The GAP or OLD NAVY... that's my new place to buy em! Even got a few that are mostly cotton, and just a bit of stretch!

by: Ricardo?U.S.A.

for me, I will wear a necktie and suit if I think the occasion warrants it....perhaps surrounded by people in jeans!

Was it all about the denim?
by: Sherry/ NC

I love jeans, too, but "genial neanderthan doshbag?" I just never considered myself???

I love Denim!
by: Wendy

I wear blue jeans daily. I love my jeans -- they are comfy and are a "neutral" to me.

That means they GO with any top, blazer, whatever. Dress them up or down, blue jeans (and black too) sure work for me!

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