Was unfairly dismissed
a year before I was to retire

by Jeanette
(Lancaster, PA)

I worked with developmentally challenged individuals for 14 years. I worked in a group home and also in a day program where I served individuals. I loved my job. I loved and respected those I served.

I was unfairly dismissed because a supervisor lied during an investigation because one of the clients cut her hair. I was not even in the room, but got blamed for neglecting her because I did not have someone else watch her while I was out of the room. I did ask someone to watch her, but he and the supervisor lied during the investigation.

Now I am feeling as tho I no longer have an identity as a caretaker. I want a part time job, but am not ready.

I collect SS and Medicare now. I am 65 years old. I am generally feeling a loss of identity.

Had I retired when I was ready I might not feel so bad. But I was forced to because of 2 staff lying.

Wendy First, please please don't let "Was unfairly dismissed a year before I was to retire" become your story.

Don't allow yourself to fall into the "poor me" syndrome -- you loved your work, and like a variety of older adults, lost your job recently (due to downsizing, layoffs, disability, or being dismissed). Please don't let this one incident, as mean as it was, affect the rest of your life.

You must be a strong individual to have worked with the disabled in a group home... offer to volunteer somewhere, but only 2 days a week, or 3 half days.. whatever. You might pick a hospital, day care (seniors or children), your church, another group home, the place doesn't matter but giving back does. Find yourself a new volunteer identity and being JOY to a new community out there!

Find a new hobby and a friend to share it with... do some artsy crafts, or a book club, crochet, something to get your creative self flowing! Fun Fun!

P.S. Even if you had retired voluntarily, you easily could have felt the same loss of identity... many of us do!

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a year before I was to retire

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Retirement Message - early retirement
by: Anonymous

Hi Jeanetty - so good to read your story. I had to retire early, but it was due to walking problems. I also was a special education teacher and worked with handicapped students. My students were deaf-blind, blind, downs syndrome and such.

I am now 68 years old, so we are near in age. I hope you can write to me. I have trouble with the internet reading. I'm still learning this stuff.

I hope we can share many fun times of both good and bad with each other. I can sew, collect postcards, like to find fun stickers and such. I will keep watch in my mail-box for your letter.

Diana (MiniQuilt) is my nick name.

Child Care Worker/Small Business
by: Seniorpreneur


Hi! Welcome to the real world especially from a Senior's point of view. This business seems to have a lot of politics involved especially when they sacrifice someone who has 14 years of work experience like you have.

My thoughts, I see that you've turned 65 years old. My question is: Are you still passionate about the child care business for developmentally challenged clients? I have three options for you. One,I believe that child care workers are in Hot demand. I suggest that you could apply for a similar job with another child care organization.

Secondly, check the Ads in your newspaper to see if anyone is advertising for a working partner in the same business.

Thirdly, this is my favorite in terms of being a Seniorpreneur, look again in the newspapers for ads that are selling these child care businesses. With over 14 years of work experience I'm sure that you can probably already know HOW to run this type of business, and because of this fact you would be in a good position to get a micro-credit business loan. And, before you begin take a micro-business training course to learn more about business planning, business financing and business marketing.

If you need more encouragement You could read my book titled: Encore! Encore! Seniors(50 Plus) As Entrepreneurs: Their Time Has Come.

Let's Go Jeanette, it's time to get busy again!


Unfair Dismissal
by: Anonymous

This is from UK. I was a Lay Member with the Industrial Tribunals. I sat on many cases of unfair dismissal for 8 years. Time after time, we knew that some witnesses told lies, on oath!
No system of justice is perfect. I was often frustrated by the injustice I saw in the courtroom. But for many employees, it was better than no system at all.

My suggestion is the old saying, "Pick yourself up, brush yourself down and start all over again"

I'm certain something deep inside you is still painful but you have to expose it, throw it away and concentrate on something new. I do voluntary work for a church and immerse myself in helping others.

Next month I'm off to Finland for a short holiday - for the only reason that I adore their music - played on the Kantele. It is very absorbing and I can forget the many "Slings and arrows of misfortune" that I've had to endure.

Every Blessing to you!

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