Well I did it.. Now what.

by Franklin

Let the Adventure begin. After 45 years I pulled the plug. My job is 24/7/365. In recent years I have not had a "vacation" that did not see me working for a significant part of it. My company runs very lean. There was never any back-up. So in a effort to capitalize on increasing product prices in their infinite wisdom, my management doubled my Rig count.

I said no. I don't sleep well as it is so that means pretty much no sleep. It was the breaking point. It was meant to be. This is my second week "off".

I miss the paycheck. It is shocking to realize going forward paying bills will come from what I have saved and SS. I have no pension. That whole self-reliance thing became very real.

I will go over my spending with a fine-tooth comb. Pare what is wasted and live on what I make. I know that my attention has been on my work (company) and not MY work (my life). Funny how that is. I now have time to work on my work.

As has been said: "I can make more money, I can't make more time."

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Thanks guys
by: Franklin.

I appreciate the suggestions and feedback. It’s nice knowing this road has been traveled before.
I am catching up on sleep. And have found talking walks is a pleasure.

Retired 2 weeks
by: Anonymous

It is very good to hear from you. Congratulations.

I find going over my finances helps me feel less shaky too.

It is hard to find work, even volunteer work so prioritizing is, I agree, the sensible way of managing.

This is going to be a great adventure. Thank you for writing, and please send updates.

Now your time is for YOU!
by: Anonymous

Franklin - you now have control over all of your time and YOU can decide how you wish to make use of that time.

The one thing I enjoy about retirement is that I never use an alarm clock. I stay up as late as I want and can sleep in or get up early.

If you choose to do so, you could look for a part-time job to supplement your income.

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