Wendy is a Retirement Enthusiast/Coach!

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast

Did you know that? I really am.

Perhaps you've seen I sign off the newsletter and my emails with "Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach" so I am taking a few minutes to tell you what I'm about.

I have worked in the retirement field for 35 years. Yikes! I am fairly sure I am not THAT old -- but there it is -- 35 years!

The first 25 years were worked in County government as the Retirement Manager. It was a position I was promoted to, and that was cool (more income) -- but it became my passion about ten years into the position -- and post-retirement, I grabbed the Retirement Enthusiast title, as I certainly am one!

I have been retired since 2010 -- just short of ten years. Since then, I started this Retirement-Online website -- and built it up page by page -- 729 pages I've written on retirement topics plus another 2,000+ pages written by retirees who want to share their story asking for feedback from others who have "been there and done that" before them. After retirement, I talked to retirees weekly until I shut down the free calls, but might start them again this month while I have momentum from this challenge! Woot!

Anyways, when I was employed, I love chatting with retirees, in part, to see how they lived post-retirement. Pure curiosity.

As I got closer myself, knowing I'd likely retire at age 55 (having 37 years of service at that point), I got curiouser and curiouser (Thanks to Alice in Wonderland for that word), and I enjoyed really looking deep into WHAT to do after retirement. I knew that I'm not one to sit still -- wait I do sit still -- too much, but that's because my MIND is not still. I have to have this purpose in life and I have to help others -- and keep my brain mentally active.

A site is born -- 2008, before I retired, I did this brain dump site to help others through the process. Then many retirees started posting sad retirement stories of anxiety and feeling lost. So I set out on a mission to help via my site but also personal coaching, and my retirement challenges and soon, courses too. I need to do this. THIS is my retirement purpose!

Hmmm, Wendy In Wonderland, my retirement vision right here at Retirement-Online.com!

Do you want to chat about Retirement Coach possibilities? Check out my coaching page -- then use the Contact Me page (under About Me). Let's Talk...

Posted as part of the Stretching Yourself Challenge -- Woot!

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Best for me
by: Sherry/ NC

The best thing I did for myself after retiring was to find 2 volunteer jobs. I love them and they give me a purpose!

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