Wendy Retires

April 13, 2010  - The Day before I Retire... A Quick Perspective on My Own Retirement!

This month has flown by (since I gave my retirement notice).

This WEEK, my last week, has flown by. Many last minute retirement appointments, many seeking retirement answers, and finally it's almost over.

I work one more day, Friday 4/16/2010, and then I'm retired!

I was anxious about this last week... but after work yesterday, I put boxes, plants and personal stuff in my car. I waited until after my co-workers left, so I didn't cry.

Guess what? NO TEARS whatsoever! Just never ever ever thought I'd NOT cry. NEVER. I just assumed I'd be full of emotion... but I'm not.

Wait -- I AM, Excited, Happy, Geeked, and Anxious to Retire! Thrilled to have the time to work my websites now, finally, in my own time!

I'm good... can't believe it, don't understand it... but I'm actually good with retirement. Retirees have told me for years: "You'll know when it's right" and that sounds downright goofy...

Guess what? I know it's right.....

However, I am fully aware that I still might crash. Two weeks from now, two months from now... I could fall into a suddenly "what did I do" depression... it happens to many. I honestly think this won't happen, but life is unpredictable... 

Retirement: Spring Tree Feels Like Me

On the way to work Wednesday, I pulled over and took photos of the magnificent blossoming trees that signify SPRING, rebirth and renewal... and that's ME and MY RETIREMENT.

One last challenge at work - a Retirement Party. I'm not big on anything that focuses on me.... not at all. So this is a HUGE challenge for me.

BUT -- Life Goes On.........

Can't wait to see what's around the next corner!


Spring Trees in Downtown Mt. Clemens, Michigan