Wendy won an award: SBI Tortoise of the Week! :)

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

SBI Mascot, the SBI Tortoise!

SBI Mascot, the SBI Tortoise!

Guess what? I won an award from the Solo Build It! website provider that I've used since 2004! Can you believe that's just three years shy of TWENTY YEARS with SBI? That's crazy!

The tortoise is our mascot and hero -- slow and steady wins the race! That's how we build our sites -- to be found and to help others, not through devious or scammy ways.

Solo Build It! for Retirees

This is part of the announcement from the email to other SBIers:

Announcing a Very Special Tortoise of the Week!

"Wendy Fisher of Retirement Online has been an enthusiastic and committed SBIer for many years, growing her online business by using her positive, energetic spirit to help her loyal followers come to terms with the shock of retirement.

We can’t think of anyone more suited to receive this extraordinary part of Solo Build It!’s history!

Wendy, congratulations on your first Tortoise of the Week award! There’s a special forum post from Help Elf just for you!"

Now I will say I don't understand, in the least, this NFT thing. I had to apply for an online "wallet," whatever that means, but -- I am so grateful for the recognition.

I also got three months added to my SoloBuildIt year! Woot. That's got a value of $90.

Happy Retiree Here!

Heck! Happy SBIer for nearly 20 years!
Solo Build It! for Retirees

p.s. I just had to return to this post to add the image of the SBI tortoise. This image is meaningful to me, because my first boss at the County, Joe Zacharzewski, used to always ask me: "What does the tortoise do?" I'd reply: "He stuck his neck out". I laugh now -- but Joe knew back then (in the 70s) I was introverted... he was trying to get me to understand and be a bit more out there. I am today! (though still introverted) -- Thanks Joe!

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Way to go.
by: Jane/Texas

You certainly deserve this award, Wendy. You have saved my bacon so many times. Your sites have been a mainstay, guiding light, and beacon of hope since I retired. Thank you for being there for me and all the many lives you touch each and every day.

Wendy Award
by: Carol K

Congratulations, Wendy!!

by: Lorrie

Way to go, Wendy! Thanks for all you do for us.

Happy for you
by: Ruth

Congratulations Wendy, I'm really happy for you. Wendy you have saved many people especially the retirees from depression, anxiety, boredom and instilled hope and encouraged them to continue living.
Thank you so much. God bless you Wendy.

Keep up the good work
by: Bruce Hackert

You are incredible and persistent. Dealing with seniors and their sometimes quirky ways has to be a challenge at times. You are always there trying to make life more worth while for seniors. You obviously have a great passion for what you do.

by: BB

Way to go Wendy!

by: Sharon, Hawaii

Good work, Wendy! I've been reading your posts for several years now even though I just retired last Tuesday. Your kind and enthusiastic personality and informational website have helped prepare me for this new phase of my life. Keep learning and sharing and keep up the good work. Congratulations!

Wendy's Award
by: Canadian Retiree

Congrats on your well deserved award Wendy. You have helped me navigate retirement which was a very difficult period of my life. Thanks for your encouragement.

Wendy: You did the work and you survived beautifully! Congrats to you!

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