Wendy, You’re a Lifesaver!

by Laura

I found Wendy’s retirement coaching website completely by accident shortly after retiring last year. I was feeling suicidal and completely lost. I was reading all the negative stories I could find on the internet about the downside of retiring.

I kept thinking oh no what have I done? Why did I retire? Wendy reached out to me and encouraged me to get help. I’m happy to say I did get help and I’m so much better today. I couldn’t keep feeling sorry for myself.

My husband threatened to leave if I kept wallowing in self pity. It’s been an uphill struggle but I’m doing 90 % better now.

I’m taking a water colour painting class and piano lessons. I even revisited my love of figure skating last year- I can still skate!

I thank Wendy and others here for sharing their stories. As Wendy says “do something, anything!” Thanks

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Congratulations Laura
by: Larry Steward / SC

You took control, sought advice and never gave up. Also, you shared your experience here which is an important contribution to all of us.

Keep moving forward and let us know about more of your progress.

Waiting for God
by: Jane Curtis/Hawkins, Texas

There used to be a British comedy called Waiting for God. It was about a group of retirees living in a retirement home. The ups and downs they faced can all be seen by reading the blogs here on Wendy's site.

What I like best is that doom and gloom are what we overcome not where we are going. This site gives us all the hope we are looking for and there are enough of us... been there citizens to help you along the way.

I went to a dark place when I retired. I wrote about it on my blog, but like you I worked through it. I am active and productive because I want to be. We retire from work but not from life.

Don't take your brain out, play with it, put it back in and keep it working. That is the key.

God bless you for making it through. You have many more blessings coming your way.

Now it is time to share what you have learned. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Thank you!
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

Just glad you took action, Laura.

You stepped out of your comfort zone and did the work necessary to move forward!

Now -- you LIVE!

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