Wet Macular Degeneration

by Wendy

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Macular Degeneration is eye disease where the blood vessels in the back of the eye grow abnormally. Thirty-five percent of seniors suffer from this deterioration that leave them seeing blind spots. When they bleed, it's called wet macular degeneration. It's not visible, and can occur slowly, over several years, so that the vision reduction isn't noticed... until its too late.

We've been dealing with wet macular degeneration recently. My dad has very limited vision in one eye due to macular degeneration from years ago, and now its happening to his good eye. His bad eye has a "bald spot" or "atrophy" in the middle of the eye, so that he can only see peripheral vision... not good.

My parents are fanatics with medical issues, they never fail to see their doctors regularly, are tested regularly... and yet it never occurred to them that this could happen to the other eye.

The second eye was only caught on a routine cataract check up and has been going bad for 3-5 years now. He didn't know... don't let this happen to you! I believe the vision reduction happens so slowly, over the years, and if left unchecked, your vision is permanently reduced.

Dad is taking three injections into the eye to stop the bleeding, and halt future destruction of his eye. First, they put iodine in the eye to prevent infections, but it leaves the eye itching and feeling full of tiny particles for days. That really bothered him... more than the injection itself. Second, they inject INTO the eye ball. Are you kidding me? I walked out of the office at that point... uggggggggggg!

If we are lucky, he won't lose any more vision than that already gone. We are really hoping for that... dads in his mid-80s and needs maintain, at least, this limited vision.

Bottom Line: If you have macular degeneration, or know someone who does, be sure to visit the doctor for check ups regularly.

We didn't know! Hopefully, this page will help someone else catch it earlier than we did!

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thank you
by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

Thanks for posting this information. I am very familiar with MD but I had the dry MD as did my mother. And there nothing that can be done to treat the dry kind.

Fortunately unlike the wet MD it progresses much slower and after my being diagnosed 10 years ago mine has not changed a great deal and I still have good enough central vision with corrective lenses that allows me to see TV and drive.

But I certainly am glad to hear about these glasses as the day will come when they will be most helpful for watching TV.

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