What do I write about?

by Dolly

I don't know what I would write a website about...
give me an idea.

Wendy: I can't really give YOU an idea -- I don't know you, I don't know what your hobbies are or occupation was.

Only you, or maybe a great friend or your spouse, can think about what you'd possibly be able to write about.

Think about what you enjoy daily... do you garden? bowl?
play piano or guitar? collect dolls? jog? work at a pet shop?

Everyone has some knowledge tucked away in their head -- think about it, is it: making natural baby foods, playing chess strategically, pruning bushes into shapes, analyzing food packages for nutritional values, or bowling techniques?

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What do I write about?
by: Anonymous

A website is best with one theme, it could be a word or phrase that people use to describe you, a mission, vision or a dream that you have.

Sometimes its harder to pick one thing if you have a variety of interests. Do you have a favorite photo or car or pet, put that up and describe it as if we didn't know what a pet or a car was.

It should be short, few people spend time reading long entries. If you find a site you like, consider making similar illustrations. Is there a quote or pithy saying that you like?

Most retirees have a wealth of experience that others would find helpful, from child raising tips, to canning produce, to entertaining.

If nothing else, write about how hard it is to find something to write about, you are not the first one to feel puzzled and your comments will be helpful and interesting.

Wendy: Absolutely. You do need ONE niche... so that Mother Google knows what the site is about. Every page will talk about another aspect, answer another question, help folks learn more.

If a hobby only, you can just write about whatever comes to mind on a blog.. any topics.

If a website that you want to earn income from... you need a niche topic. You also need perfect keywords to get lots of visitors. I'll leave it at this, as we are talking what to write about, but needed to say you need keywords for each page too!

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