WHAT do you see outside your home window?

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Yeah, weird question, but just think -- some of you look out at a parking lot, others see a large park, tall buildings, the roof across the street, homes next door, squirrels in a tree, mountains or desert or a lake!

What do YOU see when you look out your window?

I sit in my recliner, in the den, in the back of our home... with Mia, my long-hair Chihuahua next to me! The big picture window is across from me overlooking my backyard. I love watching squirrels in the trees -- jumping from branch to branch, they do true acrobatics!

I can see if it's sunny, or raining, and we have tons of HUGE trees which sometimes move with the wind.

Do you ever sit to notice the small things? For Example, every tree moves a bit differently in the wind. I never noticed much until a friend from Colorado was visiting many years ago, he saw a tree that is popular in CO -- and the leaves all move independently, fluttering like little butterflies. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I forgot its name! It's quite beautiful!

I'm seeing more trees change colors here in Michigan... little by little. Its getting chillier at night, and more colors are popping!

Please share what YOU see! Wendy

p.s. I asked this question in the R-O Email group and I am totally enjoying the answers -- so I thought I'd ask here too!

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by: Ike from the Great state of South Dakota

Living in the NE part of South Dakota we have the opportunity to observe nature at her best. The geese and ducks are moving south in increments as the crops(corn and soybeans) come out of the fields. As the result of harvest also we see an influx of deer running through our small town(3500 people). Raccoons and an occasional flock of swans migrating.

With the advent of fall we are seeing the brilliant colors of our deciduous trees which in turn make our evergreen trees stand out with their beautiful tones of green. It's all about nature as we turn the corner into another season.

The late tourists are getting their fill of nature that last breath of fresh clean air as they leave our wonderful beautiful state. We are not all about nature as we do have wonderful industries here also with plentiful jobs paying from 12 to 20 dollars an hour. Affordable housing rounds out the benefits of our attractiveness.

Please do not move here. We don't need an influx of relocators who aren't ready to work their butts of for a little piece of heaven.

Oh just so you all know... we have brutal winters lasting from mid-November through April with howling winds and blowing snow often piling up 6 to 12 inches at a time and not melting until May. The temperatures range from 10 degrees above zero to 30 below zero at times. So if you're ready for all of the above.. here we are.

Just so you know.. you are required to get up and go to work as well as come home in the dark in the above conditions.. every day.

Keep smiling.. life is good.

by: Steve Bremner

Ah, so THAT'S where the expression, "Shaking like an aspen leaf" comes from. I'd always wondered.

out the window
by: Anonymous

most days I see a large hay field out the front of the house, out the west side many mornings I see deer under the apples trees, we have many large maple trees so wood peckers, nuthatches, ten other types of birds most days.

right now, out the south and west windows you can see the woods turning colors. Many days I will see a grandchild playing on a swing or in the fort. (they live next door)

Looking Out my Window
by: Carol Arsenault

I look out the window all the time. I am lucky, our house is right beside a park. Tons of pretty trees even in our back yard.

But out front I see trees, cars, people walking their kids to school which is also on our street.

I see squirrels jump on the bushes right outside the window. i see crows that live in our front tree walking around. I see them fly up to our sundeck to drink out of the dogs bowl.

In short, I see life. Life I used to be in, rushing to work, rushing to stores, always rushing. It's nice to just sit here and see it all go by.

At first I missed being part of it but now I learned to just watch and appreciate life more.

Today it is a wind storm and the trees are whipping around, I even love that. More time to enjoy life and nature now.

And best of all since I am real dog lover, I see people walking their dogs to the park next door. Love it.

Watching out the windows
by: Anonymous

I think the tree you are thinking of is the Aspen. Very common in Colorado.

We have several bird feeders and see many different kinds. Plenty of squirrels and chipmunks. Drive the dogs nuts.

Big glass patio doors make for watching rain storms interesting too.

What I see
by: Dean/ Nashville TN

When I look out my window I see a 50 foot tall Pine Oak that my wife and I planted in our front yard 25 years ago when we built our dream home. It may not qualify as a dream home to many but to us it is. We have been blessed in so many ways!

P.S. I think the tree referred to is the Quaking Aspen.

Wendy Dean! YES, that's it! Thank you!!

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