What IF I live to Age 100?

by Wendy, www.retirement-online.com

Something just dawned on me as I was rewriting one of my books -- I retired at 55, six years ago. My mother is age 90 today.

I've written before about the idea that I worked 35 years with one employer, which sounds like a lifetime to me!

BUT in fact, I could, God-willing of course, live another 35 years in retirement. Yikes!

If I live to age 90, as my mother has - I will live THIRTY FIVE YEARS being retired and on a fixed income.


Mom is 90 today - What if she lives another 10 years? Hey, it's quite possible!

Do you know the statistics for Aging to Age 100? This Washington Post article says longevity to a combination of good genes and good behaviors. Good healthy lifestyles work well in making it to your mid-80. Living beyond 90, and to 100 or even older, probably depends more on genes.

Centenarians? Living to age ONE HUNDRED? Really?

According to the Census Bureau:
1980 --- 32,194 Americans age 100 or older
2010 --- 53,364 (65.8 percent increase in that period)

Heck, there is even a supercentenarian category now (age of 110+) --
Only one in 1,000 centenarians hit that age!

Curious if you might live to Age 100?

Here Is a Living To 100 Life Expectancy Calculator... it's about 40 questions. Interesting!
A calculator for your chance to live to age 100? Yep, that's just wild!

What if Wendy lives to 100?

Back to me and my retirement years, I would live FORTY FIVE YEARS in RETIREMENT at age 100.

I cannot imagine living 45 years, retired, without purpose or intent to my days. That is my worst nightmare.

Just thinking... and started to read online a bit, then had to write! That's what I do!

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Living To Be 100 Plus
by: Noelle

First, let me say, you write very well. I truly enjoyed your post.

Now, as for living to be 100 plus, I'm not likely to live that long with 2 serious heart conditions. Barring that, I would do my best to live each day to the fullest. Now, how much fullness there would be at age 90 and beyond, I can't even imagine. But, I would sure give it the old college try.

Again, keep on writing. You are almost as good as Wendy ! :-)

over 100
by: Betty Audet

When I joined your group, my husband and I were still travelling frequently. Now my husband is close to 104 and we live in a retirement home.

I have long walked with a cane but my husband can still without a cane. However, our retirement home has insisted that we have walkers. We take them nearly to the dining room, park them and walk in to our table arm in arm.

I still get out to some events, including church, in the community but he has some Alzheimer's (lost much of his language skill) and is extremely hard of hearing.

However, after retirement constantly helping others, we still find a few little things here that let us still volunteer our time and energy.

Living to age 100 or beyond
by: Irwin/ Lakeland

Hmmm, been retired now since 1996 so that is 20+ years. Most days we don't feel our age (upper 70's) especially when at our morning line dance class.

Will we make it to 100, anybody's guess. The wife picked the figure - 113 - so who knows. Me, as long as I am not a burden to anyone and can - for the most part - take care of myself, I have no magic number.

How does that saying go "One day at a time!"

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